A regulation is an ordered set of rules that has validity in a certain context. For a regulation to exist, there must be a hierarchical scale and one authority with the power to enforce the established regulations.

Rules of ProcedureThe notion of internal regulations refers to those rules that regulate the operation of a organization. The regulation is “internal” since its postulates have validity inside the entity, but they are not necessarily valid outside doors.

Suppose that the internal regulations of a business indicates that employees should come to their workplace wearing a blue t-shirt. This means that, when going to work, people should wear that color. But, as it is an internal regulation, it does not mean that those same people have to wear a blue shirt on the street or, if they change jobs, in other companies.

When it comes to getting any company to function properly and a comfortable environment is created where all employees are comfortable and can perform their functions in the correct way, it is necessary to establish internal regulations. In this regard, it is considered that it must have a basic series of elements, in favor of coexistence and productivity, such as these:
-The time of entry and exit of all workers.
-The rest periods that employees will have throughout the day.
-The place where the working day should start and end.
-The time that is established for them to carry out the meal.
-The form of remuneration of the salary as well as the day that it will be paid and the place where it will be undertaken.
-It is also important that the internal regulations include the disciplinary provisions to be undertaken and the way to carry them out.
-The time and manner in which employees will have to undergo the relevant medical tests.
-All the measures and indications that must be undertaken in favor of hygiene and safety at work, in favor of each and every one of the employees.
-In the same way, it is necessary that in this document, which all workers must know and have at their disposal when they deem it necessary, they collect how the appointment of the members of the necessary and well-known works council will be carried out.

The usual thing is that the internal regulations establish House Rules. In a hotel, an internal regulation can establish what is the rest time (in which it will not be possible to make noise) and how to leave the room when leaving it so that a maid can enter and clean.

Just as these regulations are internal, the sanctions they will also take place within the organization. The employee who does not respect the uniform of the company may be punished by his boss, as well as the guest who bothers in the hours of rest may receive some type of fine from the owner of the hotel establishment.