IngenuityFrom Latin ingenium, the ingenuity is the faculty of a person for invent quickly or solve something with ease. The concept is associated with intuition, the creativity, the manna and the talent. For instance: “To solve this enigma, it takes more ingenuity than strength”, “The actor evaded the most difficult questions from journalists with sympathy and wit”, “The last chapter of the novel demonstrates the author’s ingenuity to close an intricate story”.

Ingenuity is also linked to spark to capture and show the funny side of things. A witty person can make you laugh in the middle of a formal or structured situation, thanks to a witty exit or a humorous comment at the right moment.

Today, it is increasingly difficult to identify ingenuity in proposals around us. As a species, we are going through an era of information overload and blatant manipulation of the interests of the masses; Nothing seems spontaneous, but gives the feeling of living a meticulously written script that takes us from one point to another, from a product to another.

However, it is perhaps in the stages of greater rigidity that the human being finds the necessary incentive to seek new directions and find a idea revolutionary. Ingenuity is characterized by the surprise effect it causes on those who witness it, since it is born from an unexpected turn in mental processes. As mentioned in previous paragraphs, it is not necessarily linked to great creations, but to a peculiar and unusual occurrence.

When a person is in front of a challenge especially difficult to overcome but comes up with a very practical solution, it is often said that “He has managed to solve the problem”. Depending on how it is analyzed, ingenuity can be a property of living beings, which is found in different proportions in each one and which does not appear sporadically or spontaneously, never to return, but is part of the personality traits.

This does not mean, on the other hand, that an ingenious person solves all his problems quickly and that he does not pass any need, as if he were a superhero, but that he presents a greater predisposition to overcome obstacles than others.

It is known as ingenuity, on the other hand, to the ranch or farm with the necessary facilities to process sugar cane and get sugar, Ron and other products. It is possible to speak, therefore, of sugar mill or sugarmill.

The mills spread through the territory American thanks to the climatic conditions, despite the fact that sugar cane is not an autochthonous crop of the continent but was introduced by Europeans.

IngenuityIngenuity, finally, is a municipality Spanish that belongs to the Las Palmas province (Canary Islands). It is located in the southeast of Gran canaria and it is the headquarters, together with the municipality of Telde, of the Gran Canaria International Airport. According to the latest statistical data, Ingenio has more than 28,000 inhabitants on its surface.

It is a quiet place, ideal for those who seek to live near the sea and in contact with nature, while being well connected, since it is located halfway between the town from Las Palmas (to the north of the island) and the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana (to the south).

Ingenio residents enjoy a balance between access to entertainment and the peace of a town; An average of 25 minutes by car is enough to reach either of the two aforementioned extremes, to enjoy the offers typical of a modern city and paradisiacal beaches, without forgetting the climate privileged of the island.