Definition of infidelity – What it is, Meaning and Concept

From Latin infidelity, the infidelity is what occurs when an individual does not respect fidelity you owe someone or something. A faithful person is one who behaves with loyalty, maintains an assumed commitment or develops something with precision. The unfaithful individual, therefore, does the exact opposite.

InfidelityFor instance: “I could forgive many things, but never infidelity”, “Justice managed to verify the act of infidelity and ruled in favor of the deceived woman”, “Infidelity is betraying yourself”.

Infidelity is usually considered within a couple. In this case, infidelity implies a violation of the exclusivity agreement (monogamy) that those who are part of a couple agree to maintain, either implicitly or explicitly. Respect the shared project, do not lie or hide and, above all, have sex only with the person that has been chosen as a couple are some of the questions that make fidelity.

Monotony, a low and unattractive sexual passion, discovering new sensations or feeling desired are some of the reasons that experts use as the cause of most of the infidelities that occur.

Taking into account this meaning of the term in question, we must emphasize that it is usually related to the concept of monogamy. This can be defined as the model of sentimental relationship that is established between two people who promise each other loving and sexual exclusivity either because they agree to it verbally or because they get married.

Infidelity has given rise to great stories both in the field of Literature and in the field of cinematography. Thus, in the latter case we find the film “Infidelity”, in Spain titled “Infidel”, which would see the light in 2002 from the hands of the filmmaker Adrian Lyne.

Richard Gere and Diane Lane are the actors who star in this film in which they give life to a marriage that apparently is going well because it has professional success, money, a house and a child. However, that relationship will be broken when she meets an attractive young man, played by Olivier MartΓ­nez, with whom she will experience a series of intense sexual encounters.

This fact will not emotionally destabilize the wife and the relationship she has with her husband, but will also mean the beginning of a series of terrible consequences from a criminal point of view. And it is that the secret of his passion will come to light which will mean that the character played by Gere ends up murdering his wife’s lover.

The concept is also used to name the violation of other types of commitments that an individual assumes with Liberty and that, for various reasons, ends up breaking them. An employee who signs a confidentiality agreement with a company and then hands over the trade secrets to the competition is breaking the loyalty he should have towards his employer.

In the field of religion, infidelity is to ignore or reject the commands of faith that are taken, in a certain framework, as correct or true. Today, certain Islamic groups still appeal to this notion to censor and attack those who profess another religion: “We will attack the infidels who want to impose their perverted rules on this sacred territory.”.

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