Industriousness is the quality of laborious. East adjective, meanwhile, comes from the Latin laboriōsus and refers to the one who is very applied to job (hardworking). For instance: “My father built this house thanks to his diligence”, “Unfortunately I cannot single out any employee for their industriousness: they are all lazy”, “If you want a promotion in this company, show your industry”.

IndustriousnessIndustriousness is often seen as a moral value or one virtue. Thanks to diligence, labor (work) goes from being something obligatory or necessary to a value. It involves performing tasks carefully, attending to details and trying to achieve the best possible result.

In the specific case, of work as such, a person is considered to have the “gift” of industriousness if he fulfills all the duties that have been imposed on him, if he is constant in his tasks, if he follows the established schedule, if order becomes one of his professional maxims …

This leads, therefore, to determine that whoever wants to own that value must follow the following guidelines:
• You must start and finish your work in the hours that are previously stipulated.
• You must complete your tasks in the order of arrival and importance that has been established.
• You should always avoid leaving jobs unfinished.
• You must fulfill all your duties, regardless of whether you like them or not.
• You must avoid any type of distraction within your work environment.
• You should have all the materials you need to use in the most appropriate order.
• You must also, as far as possible, help colleagues who request and need it.

The idea of ​​industriousness is that, with effort, work becomes a transforming force and progress. Suppose a men he sells soft drinks on the train. He knows that if he works five hours a day, he gets the money he needs to eat and to support his family. However, with diligence, he decides to work eight hours a day to get more money, save and be able to buy a house.

As we have mentioned, industriousness has become a very important human value. And it is that the person who has it is identified not only by being active and doing their job in a competent and professional way but also by spending time with other individuals. In this last sense, it is also considered that someone practices industriousness when spending time with their children, partner or parents, as well as someone who uses their free time to be able to undertake tasks in non-profit associations or charities.

Industriousness, therefore, is do more than comply with the essential, the mandatory or the minimum necessary. It involves going the extra mile to achieve additional achievement and progress.

It is important, however, not to confuse effort with work addiction nor with the exploitation. A person has the right to enjoy free time and needs to rest, without implying laziness or moral failure.