The Industrial hygiene is the set of procedures designed to control environmental factors that can affect the Health in the workplace. Health is understood as complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Industrial hygieneIndustrial hygiene, therefore, must identify, evaluate and, if necessary, eliminate the biological, physical and chemical agents found within a business or industry and what can cause diseases to the workers.

Specifically, we can establish that every industrial hygiene practice is responsible for three different kinds of situations: the first studies that are undertaken within the workplace to assess what is exposure to risks, control and surveillance of the follow-up, and the final evaluation for what are the various epidemiological studies.

This issue is particularly important in those productive sectors that involve the handling of pollutants. For example: a company dedicated to dyeing pants must take special precautions with the chemicals it uses in its daily processes. Workers, on the other hand, must have adequate protection in their clothing.

In this sense, we have to state that the work of the industrial hygienist is fundamental, therefore, as he will be in charge of identifying the different risks to which a person is exposed in his / her field of work, anticipating possible risks while advising on how to avoid them, evaluate the various work methods, participate in the analysis of occupational risk or train and educate individuals about the risks.

The companies have carry out regular sampling and measurements to verify the level of pollutants in the environment. Therefore, it requires the services of a laboratory capable of evaluating the results obtained to ensure that the industrial environment is not harmful to health.

In its broadest sense, industrial hygiene also includes the study of sound levels or lighting in buildings, among other issues. Exposure to very loud sounds or lack of light to work can affect the worker’s hearing and eyes. Health therefore also depends on these factors.

We must emphasize that there is also the Spanish Association of Industrial Hygiene (AEHI), which has among its main objectives to notably improve the different workplaces through the elimination or reduction of the risks to which people are exposed. employees with regard to their exposure to certain chemical or biological agents, among others.

In this way, to achieve the aforementioned purpose and many more, this entity carries out a series of actions such as, for example, the organization of events on the matter, to ensure that it becomes an information exchange center and opinions on industrial hygiene.

It should be noted that the essence of industrial hygiene is preventive, since its main objective is to guarantee the well-being of the job by preventing you from getting sick.