Independent it’s a adjective used to rate that or that which lacks dependency: that is does not depend on someone or something. The concept is associated with Liberty Yet the autonomy, although its scope depends on the context.

IndependentA independent countryIn this framework, it does not depend on or is a tributary of another. A Condition Of this type it is free at the political and administrative level, since its rulers make decisions on their own without having to obey orders from abroad.

United States, for example, is a nation Independent from the July 4th, 1776, when the Continental Congress approved a Declaration of Independence. Thus he stopped depending on Britain. French guianaOn the other hand, it is not an independent state but rather a overseas department of France.

It is important to mention, however, that in a globalized world all countries maintain a certain interdependence. Whether due to the need for raw materials, technologies, financing or other resources, there is no absolutely independent State.

An individual is said to be independent, on the other hand, when develops their ideas and maintains their opinions without accepting outside interference. A freelance journalist, to mention one case, does not admit pressure or tolerate conditions when developing its job.

In the field of culture, is mentioned as independent to the work developed outside the commercial circuit and the prevailing production system. Thus it can be spoken of independent music, indie movies, etc.

Finally, it should be noted that several institutions, such as clubs soccer Y political parties, are called Independent: Independent Athletic Club (Argentina), Independent Club Santa Fe (Colombia), Independent Liberal Party (Nicaragua) and more.