IncreaseThe Latin term augmentum came to Castilian as increase. The expression alludes to increase, enlargement or amplification of something. For example: “The union requested a 25% increase in salaries”, “Consumers expressed their complaints about the increase in the electricity service rate”, “The actress underwent breast augmentation surgery”.

The concept is common in the field of economy regarding a rise of a security, a number or an index. A salary increase, to cite one case, implies that a person begins to receive a higher remuneration for their work. If an employee who charges 1000 pesos per month get an increase in 10%, once the increase is applied, it will be charged 1100 pesos per month.

Getting a raise may seem like the ultimate goal of any employee, but in reality only a moderate percentage focus on this goal while the rest adapt to the needs. terms initials and faces their activities with no other expectations than not being out of work.

In each area and in each company, the evaluation system and adjustment salary may be different; Furthermore, in some cases, it is the employees themselves who request the increase from their superiors. Broadly speaking, we can say that some of the keys to achieve this are good behavior, responsibility, good treatment with others and initiative. Employers often spontaneously raise the salaries of people with potential, in reference to both their abilities and their predisposition.

The unemployment rate (also called unemployment rate or stop) is an index that can be increased or decreased. An increase in this rate it assumes that the number of individuals who are unemployed has grown, something that represents a social problem.

Fighting the unemployment rate is an effort that the government must make through various channels and with a vision for the future. The countries most developed they manage to overcome the worst situations, while those who are at the other extreme tend to make poor decisions, which simply allow them to have a quiet time.

IncreaseOne of the tactics that increase the employment rate, the opposite concept to the previous one, consists of the creation of new opportunities, either through the incorporation of foreign companies in the country or plans that require levels massive of manpower. To cite an example, the celebration of the Olympic Games can be an ideal opportunity for the emergence of thousands of jobs, especially if it is necessary to carry out a construction job that transforms part of the city, something that happened in London in the year 2012.

There is also talk of increase with reference to the aggrandizement of a picture which is achieved through a lens or through a zoom (zoom). Eyeglasses (spectacles) are said to have magnification when their lenses help you see objects larger and more clearly.

The idea of ​​increase, finally, appears in those surgical interventions that seek to enlarge the size of a part of the Body for aesthetic purposes. Surgeries Breast augmentation, lip augmentation Y cheek augmentation are among the most popular.

While in the past surgeries to increase the size of any part of the body cost a lot of money, today it is no longer unattainable luxuries. Therefore, they were no longer reserved solely for the rich and famous. It is important to note that there are numerous stories of interventions that have gone wrong, and that have left unfortunate deformations in the patients’ bodies, or have even led to complications such as infections.