IntranscendentWhat it is not transcendent receives the rating of inconsequential. According to Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the idea can also be mentioned as inconsequential.

The transcendent or transcendent, in turn, is what manages to transcend or transcend: to pierce something, to spread, to become known. When something does not have this capacity or virtue, it is described as inconsequential.

For instance: “It was an inconsequential discussion that does not deserve too much analysis or justify an explanation”, “The Nigerian player had an inconsequential step for the Spanish team and then triumphed in the Italian league”, “I wasted all morning in a meeting inconsequential with my boss “.

In general, the inconsequential is linked to the unimportant or relevant. Suppose that, as part of an investigation into a missing adolescent, the police question her neighbor, who would be the last person who had a contact with the young woman. The woman claims that she bumped into her when leaving her house and maintained a brief and inconsequential talk about the weather. With these words, the neighbor highlights that the content of the conversation was irrelevant, which is why she does not contribute anything concrete about the disappearance.

Now take the case of a basketball player (basketball) that was part of a franchise of the NBA for a season. In that time, he only entered the field of play in 5 games, without scoring points. It can be indicated, therefore, that this basketball player had a inconsequential involvement in the NBA, since he did not manage to stand out on an individual level or was important to his team.

The inconsequential conversations They are those that touch on topics of little relevance. However, they are the ones that abound in our daily lives. Except for exceptional cases of people who dedicate their full time to an investigation and do not think about questions banalMost of the people spin their activities with talks about the weather, the government, prices, and so on.

IntranscendentBut this does not mean that an inconsequential conversation does not matter: if it weren’t for this exchange, most people would live in isolation, without friends or partner. As much as the human being believes himself superior to the rest of the species, he shares with them most of his fundamental tastes: he wants to be happy, have fun, play, eat well, have friends, fall in love, enjoy nature … Not for all this You do not need the University or a high-ranking job, but to be in contact with our essence, with our senses and with our needs primary.

In the commercial sphere, companies in almost all sectors carry out a task that we do not always perceive on a conscious level: make transcendent even the inconsequential. Every day they rain on us news of all kinds, in a proportion that seems unrealistic, precisely because it is not. Not everything we read is relevant; in fact, many times it is not even true. But this does not matter to companies, rather your goal is to get our views and our loyalty.

If we think about the journalistic reality of the eighties, for example, when magazines and newspapers on paper still reigned since the Internet did not exist, the news reached us with a much greater frequency, in a much smaller proportion. This does not mean that they did not deceive us or that they did not oversize events inconsequential to make them seemingly relevant, but at least they didn’t feel the pressure to do this on a daily basis.

In short, we live in an age characterized by an overload of information and it is enough to apply logic for a couple of seconds to understand that much of it is inconsequential.