The first thing we are going to do is determine the etymological origin of the term importance that occupies us. In doing so we find the fact that this word comes from Latin and is the result of the sum of three parts: the prefix in-, which is equivalent to “inward”; the verb I will carry, which can be translated as “carry”; and finally the suffix –ia, which means “quality”.

Importance is the quality of the important. It is a term that allows to refer to something or someone relevant, prominent or of great importance. For instance: “The team needs to hire several important players if it wants to fight for the championship.”, “The victim suffered a major injury to the scalp”, “The dining room has been blessed with an important donation that will allow it to function smoothly for the next few months”.


Importance is associated with relevance.

What is the importance

When something matters, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Its own existence or realization has profound consequences in some aspect, capable of modifying reality.

A person who collides with his car and suffers minor injuries, he will not have to face big problems. On the other hand, if the injuries are of importance, it is likely that his life will be altered, unless in the short term.

The concept in different expressions

It is interesting that we are also clear that there are certain expressions that we use in a more colloquial language and that use the term that we are now analyzing. This would be the case, for example, of “giving someone importance”. It is a verbal phrase that makes it clear that a person has an air of superiority.

We also frequently use the expression “of utmost importance.” Specifically, we use it with the clear objective of stating that a specific issue is vital and is above many others. An example of the use of that would be the following: “The president of the government had to leave the meeting because he received a very important call.”


Something prominent is important.

Likewise, we cannot forget the existence of another verbal phrase that integrates the term that we are now analyzing. Specifically, we are referring to “being of someone’s importance”. With this, what is tried to make clear is that a certain matter or a person is important or of great interest to someone. An example of this expression would be the following: “The budget prepared for the company was of the importance of the director.”

Importance and hierarchies

The postulation of importance implies a certain hierarchical scale. Suppose there is a contest that distributes prizes of different value. A prize of ten dollars could be placed in the lower scale of the contest, since it is not very relevant. If the same contest offers a million dollar prize, it could be argued that that reward is the most important and therefore the most important.

Keep in mind that the importance may be relative or subjective. The end of the Soccer World Cup it can be an event of the utmost importance for lovers of this sport, although it will go almost unnoticed by someone who does not like football, beyond the impact of the meeting.