ImmigrationImmigration is the action and effect of immigrating. This term refers to the person who reaches another country to reside there, generally for economic, political or academic reasons. In other words, among the objectives most commonly pursued by those who leave their country to settle in a foreign country are the intention to get a better job, to escape persecution in their homeland, or to study at a school or university in Mexico. prestige.

The complementary concept of immigration is emigration; both can be applied to the same situation, although with different perspective. When a subject is an immigrant, he must necessarily have been an emigrant in the first place. For example, yes Richard abandon the USA to settle in chili, is an emigrant from USA and an immigrant in chili.

The migratory processes they have existed throughout much of human history. It should be noted that they tend to be especially numerous in countries that are going through times of crisis, since a significant portion of its inhabitants seek to move to another country in search of a better quality of life. At present, the globalization it is a social phenomenon that facilitates immigration, thanks to the development of means of transport and the liberalization of borders.

Immigration, however, is often criticized by certain social sectors of the host country. There are those who find immigrants to be responsible for economic problems and social, although statistics show that these people contribute, with their work and contributions, more resources than they consume. This does not, however, prevent many immigrants from suffering the discrimination.

ImmigrationContempt for immigrants represents a very serious problem and that usually goes unnoticed, since in many countries it is part of the inheritance cultural that survives generation after generation. It is a very particular and selective phenomenon: a doorman does not receive the same degree of discrimination as a doctor, even if they both come from the same foreign country. This does not mean, on the other hand, that arrived The moment of the truth the second is considered as a peer of any individual from his new land, regardless of social class or intellectual level.

Needless to say, this does not always happen, but occurs in people with deep cultural poverty, without the necessary tools to analyze reality for themselves and draw their own conclusions. However, when talking about contempt, it is always interesting to observe people’s reactions apparently tolerant in moments of go to; It is during a fit of rage that human beings let out those ideas that we try to hide in the back of our minds.

Regardless of how genuine we think our feelings are, we constantly fight ideas that are ingrained deep within us; our roots are often full of principles with which we do not agree, but which continue with us for the rest of our lives, like an old pair of shoes that we dare not throw away, but which we would not use in any way. In that dark corner is the hatred that we claim not to feel and, in the middle of a strong argument, it can show itself and cause deep disappointment and irreparable damage to someone who trusts us.

On the other hand, immigration has been responsible for the enrichment of various nations along the history. To this day, this phenomenon extends to the whole world, thanks to advances in communication, which allow us to learn from the experiences of the brave individuals who leave their country, their customs, their friends and family behind to begin new.