HypocriteHypocrite is the one who acts with hypocrisy. That is fakes feelings or qualities that, in reality, they contradict what you really feel or think.

The concept of hypocrisy comes from a Greek word which refers to the function of playing a role, of acting. In Ancient Greece the hypocrite was a stage actor, without any negative connotation.

Later, in this same culture, the term was used to refer to those who “acted” in everyday life, that is, they pretended to be people who weren’t; meaning that is still given to it. It is worth mentioning that in the Bible the concept is used repeatedly and refers to someone who moves away from what God wants; that is to say, that he is unfaithful.

Hypocrisy and human relations

To this day and living in a world where life is governed by a set of rules and actions that all individuals must perform to move in the world in an acceptable way; rules that include a behavior politically correct that is delimiting what exists between what is allowed and what is prohibited. Those who violate these rules and claim not to do so are hypocrites.

Hypocrisy contemplates two actions that must be combined, simulation and dissimulation. The first consists of show what you want to look like; while the second consists of hide what you do not want to be known by the environment.

It is important to mention that a person who acts with hypocrisy is one who, by approving a series of rules and values ​​and accusing those who do not comply with them, commits acts against said train of thought and hides it. In this sense, a person who is in a relationship and who considers that both parties have the right to have a lover, and she does, is not a hypocrite; It would be if, considering that it was wrong to have a lover, and criticized those who did, but committed adultery anyway.

With all this we can express that hypocrisy consists in advocating certain values and apply others in everyday life. For example: a father who tries to educate his children about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and then comes home drunk is a hypocrite.

Another sample of hypocrisy is found in the public personality who, in front of the camera, talks about the importance of solidarity and social help but, in his private life, never helps anyone despite having the financial means to do so.

HypocriteThe psychology explains that hypocritical behavior consists of explain one’s own action by the environment and attribute the actions of others to innate issues. This supposes a judgment on the other and a justification on the own actions.

There are those who argue that hypocrisy is necessary for the normal functioning of the society; in this way, individuals should feign feelings contrary to those they actually experience in order to avoid conflicts. A way of understanding relationships that is certainly false and superficial, despite being the most accepted. It is believed that if the subjects were to tell the truth without any kind of concealment, they could cause situations of discomfort that they do not want.

This behavior is not typical of an ideal world, since in a society where individuals will experience security and freedom They would have the space to express their ideas and emotions without any fear. After all, someone expressing that they do not like something about another person does not have to be negative, in any case it is their way of perceiving it, as valid as anyone else’s but without any authority to harm the individual. in question.