HubbubThe etymology of the word hubbub it is not clear: it is believed that it could derive from the French word baragouin or from portuguese shuffle. The concrete thing is that this term, which can also be written as turmoil, as explained by Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary, refers to a great noise, disorder or bewilderment.

For instance: “At that time, the region was a hubbub where chaos reigned and the law was not applied frequently”, “The offender took advantage of the hubbub and took a bag containing the artist’s personal belongings “, “The electoral hubbub is behind us: now is the time to govern”.

The hubbub can be understood as a mess, a mess, a mess, a riot, a brawl or a riot of great proportions. It can also be called hubbub to the situation that, in the language vulgar of some nations, it is known as quilombo.

Suppose that, while a theatrical performance is taking place, the power in the venue is cut off. After a few minutes in the dark, when the Energy returns to the theater, many spectators realize that their belongings were stolen. Then there is a hubbub with screams, cries and claims. Nobody understands what has happened or knows who the perpetrators are, as a real uproar breaks out.

The previous example is related to one of the terms that we find in the definition of hubbub provided by the RAE: «confusion«. In addition to all the problems that may arise as a result of a hubbub, and damage, both to other people and to the facilities, a situation of this type entails a lack of orientation that makes it very difficult to put an end to it.

On television there have been numerous moments of great violence and loss of control during the recording of attended programs in which a misunderstanding led to an uproar. All it takes is an insult of a racist nature, a comment that brings to light the private information of a third party, or even a physical attack between two people to turn the set into a battlefield in a matter of seconds.

HubbubAs mentioned above, in the midst of the hubbub, the participants are not always clear why they are causing damage or hurting others, but the confusion is so great that they cannot stop. The rise of adrenalin that characterizes an uproar of this type explains why it is so difficult to stop and step aside, since violence can cause pleasure, as so many activities carried out by human beings that consist of attacking innocent beings for pure fun show .

While many may point out that an uproar can only break out in a group of people with low resources or with little education, we are all the same under dress and makeup. In an opera house fights also take place that could be classified as hubbub, although they do not reach the front pages as those that occur in football stadiums do.

Violence is in our nature; we can suppress it, but sooner or later it finds a way to escape. Sometimes the calmest and most refined individuals do the most damage, probably because they are the ones who override the impulses the most. How to channel violence without hurting innocent beings? Playing sports, getting closer to nature and exploring our physical abilities.

A hubbub can also occur in a bar when a group of alcoholic people begins to insult and attack some of those present. In a few seconds a noise is unleashed with pushes, blows and verbal aggressions of all kinds. The hubbub it just ended when those in charge of security from the bar they manage to contain the violent men and expel them from the place.