A hotel is an establishment that is dedicated to accommodation of guests or travelers. The term comes from the French word hotel, which refers to a “terraced house”.

hotelThe hotel is a building equipped and planned for house the people temporarily. Its basic services include a bed, a wardrobe and a bathroom. Other usual features are television, a small refrigerator (refrigerator) and chairs in the room, while other facilities can be of common use for all guests (such as a swimming pool, a gym or a restaurant).

There are various classifications of hotels according to the comforts and services they provide to the traveler. The most common is composed of stars: a five star hotel It is the one that offers the highest level of comfort. At the other extreme, one star hotels They only provide a basic service.

The stars are usually used to classify and classify a hotel in terms of its benefits, services and facilities. However, we cannot ignore that in other countries of the world this classification is made using letters and even diamonds.

It is possible to distinguish between different types of hotels.

Thus, for example, we find the so-called rural hotels. As their name indicates, they are those that are located in an environmental setting, in the middle of Nature, and away from what is the hustle and bustle of big cities. In recent years, they have become highly demanded establishments, since in them the guest finds tranquility and can do all kinds of outdoor activities such as hiking or horse riding.

We would also have to talk about the so-called monument hotels. Specifically, these are hotel establishments that are located in a historic building such as a palace, a castle or even a church. In the case of Spain, it is common for accommodation of this type to be known by the name of paradores.

And then there are also the spa hotels. These are establishments where customers not only have each and every one of the services that can be found in any hotel but also have a spa. Thus, thanks to this they can receive all kinds of thermal and medicinal treatments through massages, bath circuits, mud …

Casino hotels, hostels or mountain hotels are other types of accommodation that we can find.

A apart-hotel It is one that has the necessary structure so that the client can consume food inside the room (for example, having an oven and refrigerator). The motels are those hotels that have parking next to the room, which has a separate entrance (that is, it is not necessary to go through the reception before entering).

It is known as hotel accommodation or transitional shelter to the hotel that rents its rooms by the hour to provide privacy for couples who want to have sex. These hotels do not require passenger registration but rather base their service on discretion.