I wish is a notion that comes from an Arabic expression, which can be translated as “If God wishes it”. It is a interjection that manifests a wish of who pronounces it.

I wishYes one person comment “Hopefully tomorrow it doesn’t rain”, you will be hoping that the weather conditions for the next day do not include rainfall. It could even be considered that the subject in question is asking God may your wish be fulfilled, although the daily use of the interjection is simpler and more spontaneous. It could not be said that every time someone says “I wish”has a divinity in mind.

In a sense similar to the previous one, when a man manifests “I hope you find a job soon”What you do is express your desire to find a job as soon as possible. If a supporter of a team of soccer He says “Hopefully we win next Sunday”, you will have made public your desire for the team in question to get a win.

Nor should we forget that Ojalá is the name of a restaurant in Madrid and also a fashion brand. Specifically, the latter belongs to the designer Paloma del Pozo, who has become one of the most admired in the sector in Spain.

In 2005 it was when he gave shape to that brand that has been defined as a perfect mix between simplicity and extravagance. Not forgetting that its color also stands out, which draws on the work of artists like Klimt and which always results in elegant proposals that manage to enhance the female figure.

“I wish”, on the other hand, it is the title of one of the most famous songs of the Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez. His first appearance took place in 1978, as part of the disc “At the end of this journey”. Although the lyrics have been analyzed and interpreted in various ways, Rodriguez it affirms that it is a subject of love.

Spanish singer Rosa Lopez he also used the term “I wish” as a title; in your case, from a disc released in 2004. This album is composed of songs by Christmas and includes classics like “Silent Night” and “White Christmas”.

A total of fourteen compositions are those that give shape to this record work that became the third that the Granada-born artist released. In this way, after making himself known and winning the “Operación Triunfo” program, he managed to take one more step, consolidating a career that has continued to this day.

Thus, after that album “I feel alive”, “Promises”, “Property of nobody” and “Rosa López” would arrive. Successful works in the career of Rosa López, who in 2015 will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest´t Greatest Hits. This is a special edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which will commemorate its 60th anniversary.

To all this it should be added that there is also the verb hopefully. Specifically, in the dictionary of the Spanish Language it is defined as the action of making buttonholes, that is, of those slits that are made in garments to be able to fasten a button.