The verb hoist, whose etymological root is found in the French word hisser, refers to the action of lift something by pulling the rope from which it is hanging. The flags and sails of a boat, for example, are hoisted.

Among the words that can function as a synonym for hoisting are some such as raise, raise, raise, lift or hoist. On the contrary, among its antonyms we come across lowering, lowering, descending or leaving.

HoistA flag It is a symbol that is displayed for different purposes. For a flag to fly on a pole, it is necessary to hoist it: pull a rope so that it goes up until it reaches the highest sector.

The act of raising the flag is common in many ceremonies. There are schools where, at the beginning of each day, a student or teacher has the responsibility of raising the flag of the nation. In various protocol events where authorities participate, the flag is also frequently raised.

It is important to note that the way the flag is raised can have different meanings. When the flag is raised at half mast (that is, up to the middle of the mast), it is a sign of duel and mourning. A raised flag upside downMeanwhile, it can reflect a surrender or a mutiny.

Precisely in Spain the verb hoist plays a fundamental role in the day on which the Armed Forces Day is celebrated. Specifically, this commemoration takes place on the Saturday closest to May 30 and basically consists of a military parade that takes place in a massive way in Madrid with the attendance of the public and with the presence of their Majesties the Kings, Felipe VI and Letizia, and her daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía.

In that celebration, the most anticipated moment is when a large Spanish flag is raised, which is carried by a paratrooper from the air until it steps on the ground from the front area to the royal tribune.

On a sailboat, on the other hand, hoisting the sails implies raising them so that, thanks to the force of the wind, the ship can move on water. To hoist a sail you need to pull the rope or rope.

The opposite of hoisting is lower: in this case, the flag or the candle it is lowered so that it stops waving. Thus, after lifting, it must be lowered to collect the piece.

HoistFurthermore, it is the name of a star which is part of the Bootes constellation. This celestial body is located about 210 light years from the solar system.

In the same way, we have to bear in mind that IZAR is also the name of a Spanish company that manufactures all kinds of cutting tools (strawberries, drills, taps …) and that there is also another called IZAR Construcciones Navales.

Likewise, we have to establish that, within the European cinematographic sphere, we find a production company that goes by the name IZAR Films. It is a production company of Basque origin, which has carried out works such as “My way out” or “Muga Deitzen Da Pausoa”, among others.