The hierarchy is he act and consequence of ranking. East verb (to rank), meanwhile, refers to order something according to hierarchies: levels, degrees.

HierarchyHierarchy implies organizing or classifying according to ranks or categories. With a hierarchy, there are elements that occupy a superior or predominant position with respect to others.

Take the case of hierarchy of ideas. It is a technique which aims to catalog the various ideas that come together around a certain topic according to their importance.

With the hierarchy of ideas, it is easier to work with the information existing and thus it is simpler to design a project or develop a speech. The person can keep the most important ideas and discard those that are not useful or relevant.

The business hierarchy, on the other hand, leads to determine what position each worker occupies and with what responsibilities and obligations. This establishes a chain of command and makes clear the functions each. Many times, in addition, the hierarchy is used to define the salary scale.

Another use of the notion of hierarchy is associated with give something higher rank, in the sense of improving it. This hierarchy supposes an optimization or a progress.

Suppose the president of a club football the goal of getting a degree is set. With that goal, bet on the team ranking, hiring several figures that will allow you to make a leap in quality. These signings make the team more competitive and have a better chance of becoming champion.