With etymological origin in French heroine, heroin is the name of a drug that is obtained from the morphine. It’s about a opioid with narcotic properties (generates drowsiness and modifies sensitivity) and sedatives (makes you sleepy and minimizes nervous excitement).

HeroinIt should be noted that morphine is a alkaloid of opium what cause addiction. From morphine derives heroin, a white powder that produces physical and psychological dependence and is used as recreational drug.

The effect of heroin is very intense and fast, causing a depression of the Central Nervous System. Due to its high addictive power and the damages associated with its consumption, heroin is designated as one of the most dangerous and lethal drugs.

It is usually administered through intravenous injections. This makes addicts, by sharing syringes, run the risk of contracting various infectious diseases. Heroin can also be snorted, smoked, or taken by mouth.

When a person addicted to heroin does not use for an extended period, they may suffer a abstinence syndrome. This reaction can range from muscle aches and cramps to vomiting and seizures to hallucinations and fits of anxiety.

Heroin was formerly used for the treatment of tuberculosisas it minimizes the cough reflex. Today heroin hydrochloride is used in some regions as a pain reliever.

Heroin, on the other hand, is the Female version from hero. A heroine is a woman known for her bravery, self-denial, and deeds.