HerdThe concept from herd is used to refer to a group of animals of the same species that move together. The term is often used with respect to specimens in wild or wild state.

By gathering in herds, the animals They adopt a different behavior than what they usually have at the individual level. The specimens act differently to the rest of the members and also to the other species. In certain cases, there are even decisions that are made as a group.

According to ethologists, the herd offers several advantages to its members. On the one hand, it favors access to food since facilitates the hunting wave search. On the other hand, a herd has more resources to defend itself from the action of predators compared to the tools that each animal has independently.

Wolves tend to organize themselves into highly complex packs. In these groups there is a alpha female and a Alfa male that stand as leaders and that they impose their authority in a hierarchical way.

The wolf packs they generally have up to six members. However, there have been cases with more than twenty individuals. Specialists believe that this organization group provides greater reproductive success and helps participants to get larger prey.

Unlike the way we humans live, herds of animals often limit the reproduction sexual depending on available resources and other factors. In some cases, only the highest ranking members mate. We must not forget that for them each decision can make the difference between life and death, since they have not organized themselves in a society full of comforts: a simple wound can become infected and cause the loss of a leg, returning an individual detrimental to your group.

HerdAnd at this point comes another of the characteristics of the herds that human beings find it difficult to understand: if a member represents a danger to the rest, it is common for them to be separated and abandoned, or for it to move aside. This may seem contrary to the assumption survival instinct, which people often talk about a lot, but the animals with more responsibilities know when their time has come and are not afraid of the death.

It is fascinating to observe the degree of dedication exhibited by the alphasHerd leaders, who tend to behave in a way that we would call “serious”, always thoughtful, with a weight that others cannot understand. In fact, when it comes time to “pass the crown,” many have already groomed their potential successors if they are part of their own herd and found they qualified.

On Spain, finally, it is known as “The case of La Manada” to a fact of sexual abuse that took place in the city of Pamplona on 2016. Within the framework of the festivities of San Fermin, five Sevillian men who were part of a group of WhatsApp called The pack they abused an 18-year-old girl. All five subjects were convicted, although they came out in Liberty on bail.

This rape case was commented on in all parts of the world thanks to its dissemination through social networks along with video recordings and statements of the woman herself. victim. As expected, not everyone was in favor of the victim and the issue of torture of animals, the DNA of the San Fermín festivities, was also mixed in public opinion. Among the rapists was a member of the Military Emergency Unit and a civil guard.