Heating it’s a finished with etymological origin in late Latin heating. The concept is used to refer to act and result of heating or heating.

To know what heating is, therefore, you must first understand what the action of heating consists of. This verb refers to the Transmission of hot to an object or body, causing a increase in temperature (that is, of the physical magnitude that, precisely, reveals the level of heat).

Returning to the idea of ​​heating, you can point to the method used to provide heat or to increase the temperature. Usually it is used to name the set of equipment and devices whose function is to heat an environment.


Heating allows you to heat a closed environment.

Heating, a human need

Unlike animals, the human being it does not have feathers or a large amount of hair to protect itself from the cold. That is why you need to use different resources for your heating.

Bundle up with clothing is, since prehistory, the basic procedure to give heat to the body. The mastery of fire About 450,000 years ago it was another milestone in heating.

However, flames carry various dangers, from burns to poisoning from the accumulation of smoke or gases. The creation of structures such as hypocaust and the home or fireplace They helped solve part of these problems.

With the passage of time, the invention of the stove, a device that is still key in heating homes. It is an artifact that, using the combustion or to electricity, allows to heat a place.

Heating system

Radiator for heating a room.

Types of stove

Currently different types of stove are marketed. The most popular are gas stoves that have a burner where the combustion and that they have ventilation.

The Electric stoves, on the other hand, they produce heat with the electric current thanks to the so-called joule effect (which implies the transformation of a percentage of the kinetic energy of the electrons in heat). There are also stoves that have a radiator, a metal piece that covers the circulation of a hot fluid to transmit heat to the environment.

When there is a single source that is responsible for increasing the temperature of an entire building, we speak of central heating or central heating. In this case, there is usually a boiler to heat the water that feeds, through pipes, multiple radiators.

Heating, key in air conditioning

Air conditioning consists of providing an environment with the necessary temperature conditions, humidity, etc., to ensure comfort of the people who are on the site. Heating, in this framework, is very important in the winter season and in colder regions.

The rooms of Hotels are often heated for the well-being of guests, as are the restaurants and the malls to satisfy your customers.

The automobiles they also have a heating system. In general, the heat generated by the motor when it is on; after passing through the radiator, it is sent into the vehicle by a fan.