HearingThe concept from hearing comes from auditio, a word from the Latin language. The notion refers to act and the ability to hear or listen: pick up sounds through the ear. For example: “Workers in the construction industry often suffer hearing problems from noise”, “The girl managed to regain her hearing thanks to a complex surgical intervention”, “Could you repeat what you said? I have hearing problems “.

It can be said that hearing is a physiological and psychological process. Sound waves cause changes in the pressure of the air: when they reach the ear and are perceived by the brain, they are transformed into mechanical waves. The development of hearing implies that the waves impact against the eardrum and vibrate this membrane. The vibrations, in turn, cause the movement of small bones called stapes, anvil Y hammer. When the vibrations reach the organ of Corti, this stimulates the auditory nerve, making it become nerve impulses that reach the brain, body in charge of interpret Sound.

Hearing problems have repercussions on daily life that considerably outweigh the fact that you cannot easily perceive sounds (as can happen in a case of hearing loss, partial loss of hearing), or suffering from deafness total (cofosis), both from one ear and from both. Since these disorders occur in a minority of people, their environment cannot understand their characteristics, and this makes interpersonal relationships difficult.

As if this were not enough, most cities are not prepared so that people with hearing problems can move and access common services in a comfortable and effective way, something that the blind and, in general, all must also suffer. individuals with some type of disability physical or mental.

HearingThose who enjoy both senses, contact with the outside world through a complex combination of the two, to the point of becoming almost indivisible. picture sound. When we learn a word whose meaning refers to a material object, we establish a combination between graphic and sound information, in such a way that by either of the two paths we reach the same point (for example: when we see an umbrella we think of the term , as well as when hearing it we evoke the image, and something similar happens with writing and reading).

There are various movements that fight for the integration of all people in the various areas of society. However, we are still very far from a reality in which we accept each other without prejudices, with an open and compassionate attitude.

Hearing, on the other hand, is called test performed by an artist to demonstrate his talent. Also known as casting, the audition is a common methodology of the television, film and theater industry to select who will be the protagonists of a construction site. At the audition to find the participants of a musical work, those in charge can ask applicants to perform songs of different genres and to act out certain scenes. The artists that stand out the most in the audition will be those hired.

The life of the artist It is usually not easy, especially if you have to make your way without the help of your family. Passing auditions becomes one of the main goals, since it can open the doors to good job opportunities, although most of the time it is not like that. In addition to technical training to use the right tools in front of the exam table, it is necessary to learn to control panic to avoid wasting all the effort.