Is is the common name given to a deciduous tree belonging to the family of Fagaceae, a species that can reach a height of 30 meters. It is characterized by having a thick grayish trunk, tall branches, a rounded crown and oblong leaves whose tips are sharp and have jagged edges. The fruit of this tree is known as hayuco, while the wood of these specimens is reddish-white and stands out from others for its remarkable resistance.

IsThe beech needs to develop in fertile soils, especially in those where there is a high level of lime. To grow healthy and strong it is necessary that it receives abundant rainfall since its transpiration rate is high. The beech beam is usually placed horizontally to capture as much light as possible. In this way, it is difficult for other plants to survive in its surroundings. In certain woods, the beech shares the land with firs or other deciduous species.

The beech is a long-lived tree, which grows slowly and multiplies through seeds. Once it grows, it becomes very resistant. Beech trees are used to shade large spaces. His woodOn the other hand, it is very popular in carpentry, turnery and cabinetmaking.

Beech flowers, according to those who specialize in gardening, have medicinal properties and are used in various remedies. These properties were discovered by the Welsh doctor Edward Bach, the creator of the famous Bach flowers.

Another of the meanings of this term that we are addressing is found within what is the use of Castilian in Spain. And it is that in said country formerly it was used to refer to the donation that the students of the dance schools gave to their teachers when various festivities were celebrated, such as Christmas.

In addition to all the above we can also underline that in Spain, and more specifically in the autonomous community of Cantabria, there is a municipality whose place name is El Haya. It is a population of just five inhabitants, which is three kilometers from Mataporquera and which is located about 1,000 meters above sea level.

In the same way, in Mexico, in the well-known state of Veracruz, we also find a nucleus called Haya. An eastern country in whose city of Jalapa any visitor will have the opportunity to know the beauty of El Haya Ecological Park.

Equally relevant is that we highlight that there is a conjugation of the verb have that is used in various cases. Likewise, it is used well when conjugating various verbs in their compound modes and also together with infinitives that mean necessity, duty or convenience.

In many cases it is confused with finds. However, this conjugation has nothing to do with the verb have but with the verb find, which is synonymous with finding, discovering, finding something or knowing.

HagueFinally, it is the administrative capital of the Netherlands. In this city the international Court of Justice, among other institutions of the United Nations (UN).