The etymological origin of factotum it is found in medieval Latin. The term refers to a individual who enjoys the total confidence of another subject, even acting on behalf of this.

FactotumIt is also known as a factotum to the person who takes over the all the tasks and obligations on one site. Another use of the concept refers to one who provides a multiplicity of services.

For instance: “The renowned doctor emerged as the president’s handyman in the fight against the pandemic”, “The factotum of the agreement between the player and the club was the coach, who spoke with both parties to resolve the conflict”, “In the government they consider that the leftist leader is the factotum of the movement that seeks to generate a regime change”.

In short, invoice is who is in a position to do everything or the one who assumes responsibility for direct, control or do something. The handyman enjoys can or influence in a certain area.

“Factotum”, on the other hand, is the title of the second novel published by Charles Bukowski, which appeared in 1975. East book of the American author revolves around experiences of Henry chinaski, the alter ego of the writer.

The construction site from Bukowski came to the cinema in 2005 with the address of Bent hamer. The protagonists of the film are Matt dillon, Marisa tomei and Lili taylor.

The Factótum Cultural Association, meanwhile, edits the magazine of philosophy “Factotum” from 2000. It is a free access digital publication.

Factótum Editions, finally, is a editorial Argentina founded in 2009. Its creation was carried out by the writer and bookseller Andrea Stefanoni.