GynecologyThe gynecology is the specialty of medicine dedicated to the care of Female reproductive system. The gynecologists, therefore, they are the specialists who attend to the issues related to the uterus, the vagina and the ovaries.

The greek doctor Soranus, of the Methodist school, is considered the author of the first treatise on gynecology. The advancement of medicine has associated gynecology with obstetrics, which deals with pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium. Today, most gynecologists are obstetricians and vice versa.

Gynecology allows the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer, prolapse, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, and infertility. To perform their task, gynecologists use instruments such as the speculum, which enables the development of examinations in the vagina and cervix.

Women should have regular gynecological consultations to enjoy good health. Health and prevent disorders. However, the intimate nature of these studies generates a certain discomfort and often causes them to be postponed.

The PAP test, also known as Pap smear or Pap, is the most common gynecological study. The gynecologist takes samples of the epithelial cells found in the transition zone of the cervix, which allows him to know the hormonal status, identify inflammatory changes and guide on a possible diagnosis of cervical cancer.

Invented by the Greek doctor Georgios Pap (18831962), it is a simple, cheap and efficient test that should be carried out by all women from the beginning of their sexual life until approximately 65 years of age.

The Gynecologist and safe sex

The gynecologist in some way becomes the woman’s personal advisor in aspects that have to do with her sexuality and the care of your intimate organs. He will be the one who, after studying the case of each patient, will recommend one or another contraceptive method, that is why when it comes to maintaining relationships it is important to go to a specialist of this branch so that you can advise us in the way that suits us best and have a safe and healthy experience.

It is known as contraceptive method, also called contraceptive, which prevents or reduces the chances of fertilization; They are essential when it comes to talking about birth control (the number of children you want to have) and represent a way to maintain safe sex.

GynecologyIn any case, it is important to point out that there are no better methods than others, but rather more suitable for each particular circumstance; A gynecologist would be the most appropriate person to recommend the one that suits us best and to monitor the impact that the use of one or another method has on our body. In addition, in the case of wanting to use an internal condom, it will be the person who places it and makes sure that everything is in order.

When it comes to helping us choose one method or another, the gynecologist will perform a series of questions and checks, about our health in general, how often we think about having sex, etc.

Every time a woman begins her sexual life, it is highly recommended that she be seen by her gynecologist, so that can ensure a healthy experience and above all without the risk of getting pregnant, if it is not what you want, hence the great importance of gynecology in the life of every woman. It can contribute significantly to her overall health and allow her to feel less alone when it comes to taking care of herself.