guardguard is the save action (watch over, take care of something, defend it). For instance: “The boss asked me to be on duty in case something happens”, “Fortunately, the policeman was on guard and was able to notice the movements of the thief, “I have three people on duty to prevent further intrusions”.

The concept is also used to name the set of armed people who guarantee the defense of a post or a person. The special service for the defense, protection and custody of something or someone is also known as guard: “The guard has detected that enemy troops are approaching from the southwest”, “A singer’s guard hit a photographer and a scandal broke out”, “Go to the guard post and inform them of the news”, “The boy spoke with the guards and was finally able to enter the premises”.

The position of security guard is very common in large companies, such as banks and companies insurance, and is usually occupied by people who work for an external company, which specializes in providing protection services. The training these employees receive may vary, as well as the right to carry a weapon. It should be mentioned that it is a position with very inflexible and, in many cases, exhausting hours.

In general, companies tend to have one guard during office hours, and another during closed hours. The latter must spend long hours, generally alone, attentive to every noise, to every movement. It’s a job very hard, which tests patience, endurance, emotional stability, and requires those who perform it to risk their physical integrity in order to protect someone else’s property.

According to country and its characteristics, exist different armed forces which are known as guard. The Civil Guard It is a Spanish institution that protects the free exercise of rights and guarantees citizen security. The Royal Guard, for its part, depends on the Armed Forces of Spain and its function is to protect the members of the Royal family and visiting foreign heads of state Spain.

guardIn certain trades and professions, it is known as a guard to the extraordinary service that is provided outside the schedule habitual: “The doctor on duty had to attend to the four wounded”, “I’m on duty today, so I won’t be able to go to dinner with you.”, “The electricity company has an on-call service to solve emergencies on public roads”.

It is known as pharmacy open (or shift) to that pharmacy office that remains open after hours commercial normal city, to provide its services in case of emergency. Before the Internet era, the easiest way to find out the address of the nearest duty pharmacy was by consulting a time table that is usually, even today, displayed outside each store.

Currently, it is enough to access some of the specific online services to know in a matter of seconds where the closest pharmacy is located to our location, as well as a map of the area with directions to get there in the shortest possible time. .

It is worth mentioning that on-call pharmacies are not only essential to provide assistance to people who need instruments or medications due to having suffered an accident, but are often a valuable resource for individuals with very long or irregular working hours, who do not always have the weather necessary to get closer to buy your medications before closing time.

On sports As the boxing wave fencingFinally, the guard is a body posture that allows you to protect yourself from the adversary’s attacks: “Johnson let his guard down for an instant and received a tremendous hook to the face.”.