From Latin gravĭtas, the gravity is a physical strength that Land exerts on all bodies towards its center. It is also about the attractive force of bodies due to their mass.

GravityGravity is linked to weight, which is the force of gravity exerted by the mass of the planet on all objects that are within its field of gravity. The weight of the same body can vary on different planets if their mass is different from the mass of the Earth.

English physicist, mathematician, philosopher and inventor Sir Isaac Newton was the one who proposed the universal gravitation law or theory of gravity. Newton stated that every object that has mass exerts a gravitational attraction on any other object with mass, beyond the distance between them. The greater the mass, the greater the force of attraction; on the other hand, the closer the objects are, the greater the force of attraction.

However, we must not forget either the fact that throughout history there have been other scientists and researchers who have also left their mark on the term of gravity. This would be the case, for example, of the German physicist Albert Einstein who is known precisely for his theory of general relativity.

In 1915 it was when he presented this theory to the scientific community that we could basically say that it is a reformulation of the term gravity. Specifically with that one, what he did was establish that gravity, rather than an attractive force, is a sample of the distortion of space-time geometry. A distortion that is clearly influenced by the set of objects that are part of it.

In another sense, the notion of gravity is related to the composure and the circumspection. For instance: “Solemn, the government spokesman gravely announced the death of the prime minister”, “I don’t like dinners where everyone acts gravely and without spontaneity”.

The term also refers to the greatness, importance or enormity of any question: “The seriousness of the epidemic was manifested with the death of twenty people in the metropolitan area of ​​the city”, “The policeman was seriously injured after receiving four bullet wounds in his body”.

In the latter case we have to say that there are several specific types of gravity. In this way, in the field of Medicine, we can establish that there are the following levels:

Mild. In this case, the symptoms that the patient has produce a minimal alteration in what is their work or social activity.

Moderate The person’s symptoms are somewhere between mild and severe.

Serious. The disease or pathology that someone suffers significantly damages what the above mentioned activities are.

Partial remission. With this term what comes to be expressed is that of the symptoms that the patient had, he only maintains some.

Total remission. In this case, the patient has seen how all the symptoms of his disorder have disappeared but that does not prevent it from being necessary to continue to maintain check-ups to keep it under control.