The graphopeia is a Literary figure which is used for physically describe a character. It is usually complemented by etopeia, consisting of the psychological description of the characters.

GraphopeiaThrough the graphopeia, therefore, the physical features. By example: “The detective was a short, obese man, about 45 years old. Strands of red hair fell over his face, while a bushy mustache of the same color hid his mouth “.

As can be seen, this graphopeia refers to the height Yet the texture of a character. He also mentions issues of his hair and his face.

Suppose a writer describes the protagonist of a story as follows: “Marlon was a calm and happy young man. His blue eyes conveyed serenity. Although due to his stature he always stood out, he preferred to go unnoticed “. In this case, the graphopeia and the etopeia are combined, since there are references to physical characteristics (eye color, height) and psychological (tranquility, happiness).

By itself, the graphopeia is not enough to meet a character in depth. Data on his moral condition or his psyche are needed for the portrait to be complete, otherwise it would be limited to a superficial glance. This makes writers often use both graphopeia and other resources in their texts.

The preponderance of the graphopeia or other literary figure, in any case, is the decision of each author. The important thing is that the construction site manage to convey what its creator intends.