The first necessary step that must be taken to understand the meaning of the term gradual is to discover its etymological origin. In this sense, we have to make it clear that it derives from Latin, more precisely from “paulatim”, which can be translated as “little by little”. However, it should not be overlooked either that this, in turn, emanates from the adverb “paulum”, which is equivalent to “little” and is related to the adjective “paucus”, which also means “little”.

Gradual It’s about a adjective which refers to what is developed in a way slow and generally progressive. For instance: “The television meteorologist announced a gradual change in weather conditions”, “The truth is that the relationship took hold gradually, without trouble”, “The change of face of the team was gradual since the arrival of the new coach”.

GradualIt is possible to understand what is gradual as opposed to what happens in a sudden or abrupt. Suppose a young person who enjoyed good Health He dies from a fulminant disease: from the time the disorder is detected until his death occurs, less than a week passes. His death, therefore, is sudden. Different is the case of those who remain hospitalized for eight months and suffer a slow agony until their death. About this person it can be said that the deterioration of his health was gradual.

Within the geographical and social sciences, the use of the term gradual is also widely used. Specifically, it is often used when analyzing the development and advancement of society. Thus, it is common to speak of the gradual aging of the world population, which has become one of the fundamental pillars of today’s demography.

This gradual aging has great economic, social and political importance which, according to experts, will become more forceful in the coming years. And that requires that the political authorities act quickly, first, to be able to offer the highest possible quality of life to the elderly and second, to achieve the sustainability of public finances.

This implies, therefore, that concrete measures are taken in the following two aspects:
-Health systems, which will require from more extensive infrastructures to an increase in medical and nursing staff.
-Social Security. By this we mean that it is necessary to develop initiatives to maintain the pension system.

The economic growth of a person or a company it can also be judged as gradual or abrupt. If a man joins a company as a cadet and, after a decade and several promotions, reaches management and five times his starting salary, his gradual progress can be indicated. On the other hand, the subject who is unemployed and wins the lottery will have experienced a sudden enrichment.

The gradual, in essence, it is neither good nor bad. It is convenient that certain processes are developed in stages, step by step, while others can be completed abruptly without negative effects.