Among the multiple meanings of organism, in this case we are interested in highlighting the one that associates the concept with institutions and entities composed of several sectors or dependencies. Governmental, for its part, is an adjective that allows naming what is linked to government as the political authority of a State.

A government agency, therefore, it is a state institution whose administration is in charge of the government of the day. Its purpose is to provide a public service that is necessary for citizenship.


Different entities are part of government agencies.

Role of a government body

Generally, the services provided by government agencies are free and are paid for through the taxes and other income received by the State. The National Budget it is responsible for determining how much funds each government agency receives. In some cases, government agencies also generate their own funds or part of them.

The characteristics of government agencies can be very varied depending on their scope of action and the country where they are. There are organizations oriented to economic, health, administrative issues, etc.

They exist for both government agencies for each issue that needs to be addressed within the perimeters of the State. There are government agencies in charge of protecting the environment within the country, others in charge of preserving the historical memory, others that are dedicated to the issuance of money and documentation for residents, other agencies are responsible for maintaining organized the system of education and work. Each of them prepares action plans in order to develop a job that is satisfactory for the Nation. Among some of the measures that they must take are to propose laws that help them to carry out a good job and that give importance to all the work that is carried out within the institution, among many other things.

Examples in different countries

An example of a government agency is the National Metereological Service of the Argentinian republic. This institution is in charge of preparing weather forecasts, analyzing the climate and launch alerts to prevent possible risk situations related to the weather.

Weather forecast

Argentina has a government agency dedicated to analyzing the weather and making weather forecasts.

The Export Procedures Center (Cetrex) is another government body, in this case belonging to Nicaragua. It is an entity that develops various services for exporting companies. Founded in 1994, is in charge of attending to different procedures that are required of exporters.

In Mexico, for its part, there is the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, better known by its acronym PROFEPA that is in charge of protecting the diverse ecosystems of the country; trying to establish a balance between the need for urban life and the importance of preserving green and native areas. This body was created in 1992 and is headquartered in the City of Guadalajara.

NGOs and criticism of government agencies

Unlike government agencies, NGOs are institutions that are not affiliated with a State and that they work for the common good without claiming a reward for it. Generally, these organizations are financed through donations and cannot charge for their services due to what is stipulated by the statutes of formation of this type of organization.

It is important to note that government agencies were created with the objective of facilitating organization in life in society; However, many citizens complain that generally these institutions are a space through which the State manages to have greater control over citizens, and a strategy to swell the lists of jobs (and employees) that are paid at the expense of good do of the citizens and that, in practice, do not provide any benefit to social life. Be that as it may, within what is a democratic society, government agencies occupy an important place because they are in charge of ensuring that citizens comply with their obligations to the State.