From Latin bonus, the adjective well allows you to refer to what you have goodness and, therefore, it is useful, pleasant, tasty, tasty, funny or appetizing. For instance: “The punk rock band has presented a very good album”, “These pants came out good, they are more than three years old and I still use them”.

WellIn the case of a person, someone good is one who shows a natural tendency to do good: “Miguel is good, he lent me a hundred pesos to buy the remedies even though he does not know if I will be able to return them to him”, “Marta thinks I’m not good because I yelled at her yesterday, but she doesn’t know that I was nervous about my uncle’s health”.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that the term good is also used with other meanings. Thus, for example, it is common, mainly in the colloquial sphere, that this adjective is used to make it clear that something or someone is in good health. That is, in that case it acts as a synonym for healthy.

It is also important to establish that this concept that concerns us also has the ability to function as an interjection. Thus, in this case, it basically has the same meaning as the interjection “enough”.

But there is still more. The term good is often used in Mexico in a very specific sense. More precisely, we can determine that in that country it is common for it to be used as an interjection and specifically it is used to answer a telephone call.

Precisely in the colloquial sphere it is important that we also make the expression “good guy” clear. It is used mainly to make it clear that a man or a boy is attractive and has a physique that is within all the aesthetic canons of the moment. So, for example, for many David Beckham is a good guy.

Good is also what surpasses the common: “Your son gave me a good scare when he put on that mask”, “Well it was the blow that I gave myself yesterday when I slipped in the backyard of my house”.

The philosophy highlights that the concept of good is tautological and redundant: what is good is what is good. Notions like good and good can be defined in opposition to others like bad and bad. In this way, it can be said that good is what is not bad and vice versa: “Isabel is good since she shared her candies with me”, “Isabel is bad since she did not invite me candy”.

All this without forgetting that throughout history there have been countless famous people who have had the word good as their surname. Among the examples that we can cite are the following: the philosopher Gustavo Bueno Martínez, the Madrid soccer player Alberto Bueno, the journalist Pepa Bueno and even the model Jessica Bueno.

Finally, it should be noted that in Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay it is known as good to game played to tie the tie: “Your team won the first game and mine won the second: now we are going to play the good one”.