Gong It is a term that comes from the English language, although its etymological root is found in Malay. A gong is called musical instrument which is sounded by tapping with a mace.

The gong is a percussion instrument: its sound it arises from the impacts it receives. It’s about a metal disc that hangs from a support, being suspended.


The gong is a percussion instrument.

History of the gong

It is important to mention that percussion instruments are the oldest. The human being began to make these types of instruments thousands of years ago, using them many times in rituals and ceremonies.

In the case of the gong, it is estimated that it was invented in the year 3,500 BC on East, being popular especially in China. In its origins, it was believed that the sound of the gong allowed to pacify the spirit and drive away the demons.

He arrived on the European continent in the century XVIII. It is said that the French François-Joseph Gossec was the first composer to include the gong in a orchestra symphonic.

Instrument features

The gong is a disk made of bronze or other metal with curved edges. It can be flat or somewhat domed and have a variable thickness.

The usual thing is that the gong hangs by two pillars. He who wishes to play the gong must strike it with a mace.


In order for the gong to sound, it must be struck with a mace.

As sound is produced by the vibration of your body, the gong is a idiophone. It does not appeal to columns of air, membranes or strings to sound.

Depending on its characteristics, the gong can produce indeterminate or determined sounds. When the gong has a bulge in its center, it should be struck at that point (known as bulb or nipple) to generate a sound of a specific height.

It is important to mention that the colour the sound of the gong depends on its materials. Depending on the combination chosen, your benefits vary.

Similarities and differences of gong and tamtam

Many times the gong is confused with the tamtam, also know as tam-tam, tamtan, so so or gingham. According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the tamtam is a disc with a rim made of a sonic alloy. Like the gong, the tamtam is suspended and struck with a hammer.

The tamtam disk is always flat and no nipple. In terms of sound, the gong is less strident and penetrating than the tamtam.

A common last name and a rock band

Gong it is also a frequently used surname in South Korea. According to the name day of this country, first the patronymic surname is written and then the first name. Actors Gong Yoo and Gong myung and the actresses Gong seung-yeon and Gong Hyo-jin they are personalities that share it.

GongFinally, it is a band of rock progressive who started his career in 1967. Throughout his career he edited more than a dozen studio albums and many others that record different live performances.