GoalThe goal is the end or objective of a action or plan. For instance: “My goal is to finish my degree next year and then travel to the United States”, “Ramón’s goal is to save until he can buy a car”, “I know that the road is arduous; but never lose sight of your goal “.

The human species defines itself as the only one capable of understanding and deserving the concepts Liberty and reason; Continuing with this absolutely unfounded and arbitrary idea, it considers that its existence must have a purpose beyond living and respecting the rest of the inhabitants of the Planet. The goals are precisely those challenges that people set themselves, which transcend natural needs such as food.

Through this search there is a series of phenomena that are as peculiar as they are dangerous. In the first place, we are losing our connection with nature; we give our life a sense that we ourselves invent, which we believe we have discovered using our intellectual tools. We ensure that animals do not think and do not feel, but we have never received a confirmation from them in this regard. We exploit resources without consideration, we destroy forests and dry up rivers; all in pursuit of our ultimate goal: the domain absolute of the world and, if possible, of the entire universe.

Outside of this global objective, which unfortunately represents us, but which is a consequence of this denaturation, people tend to believe that our presence on Earth is very important, that each one must find his mission and carry it out to give meaning to your life. An individual who is born in a city and who does not come into contact with the ground and other animal species except in a park or a zoo, who must not get his own food or build his own house, has a excess time and energy with respect to the first homo sapiens.

GoalIt is precisely the existence of this capital that gives rise to questioning the reasons of our passage through reality and to set ourselves a series of goals, in order to feel productive beings again. The variety of these objectives It is considerable, although they bring us closer to the rest of human beings than we think, or want to believe. Two decades ago, the media showed us a small slice of reality, adorned with seemingly unique heroic figures, with seemingly authentic goals; Today, the Internet shows us millions of people with similar talents, with similar interests, with similar goals.

Meta is, on the other hand, the term appointed to a career: “The Jamaican athlete crossed the finish line four tenths before his main rival”, “The Brazilian driver’s car was only three laps from the finish line due to technical problems”, “The first to cross the finish line, wins”.

On Spain, the goal is known as bow or goal of the soccer and others sports: “The problem with our team is that they usually play very far from the goal”. For this reason, the goalkeeper or goalkeeper is also called a goalkeeper.

The Meta Department is found in Colombia, on the region central of this South American nation. It has more than 783,000 inhabitants and its capital is Villavicencio, located 90 kilometers from Bogota (the national capital).

There is a Colombian river known by the name of Goal, tributary of Orinoco, which in its final section forms the border with Venezuela. It is 804 kilometers long and is navigable for most of its route.

In the Roman circus, the goal was conical abutments that the extremes of the thorn. Meta is also a genus of spiders of the family Tetragnathidae and one of the names by which she is known Satellite, the first wife of Aegean in Greek mythology.