The first thing we are going to do to know the meaning of the term glutton is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can underline that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically emanates from the popular Latin word “glutto, gluttonis”, which can be translated as “voracious” or “greedy”.

The term is used to qualify who eats food greedily and excessively.

GluttonFor instance: “Don’t be a glutton, let others eat too!”, “I had dinner like a glutton and now my belly hurts”, “Mariano’s glutton ate four hamburgers”.

Eater, zampon, zampabollos, insatiable or hungry are some of the words that can be used as a synonym for the term at hand. On the contrary, among its antonyms we come across others such as reluctant or unappetizing, for example.

The behavior or attitude of the glutton is called gluttony. Gluttony is often associated with gluttony: binge eating and drinking with a disorderly appetite. The glutton, therefore, does not have a healthy eating habit.

Suppose a men, upon entering a birthday party, he pounces on a table and eats ten sandwiches in a few minutes, emptying the tray. It can be said that this subject was gluttonous and, in addition, impolite or selfish, since he did not think that other people might also want to try the sandwiches in question.

Homer (Homer) Simpson is a character that represents the archetype of a glutton. He is always thinking about the food and it fails to satisfy your appetite in any way.

The glutton, on the other hand, is a animal whose scientific name is Gulo gulo. It is a mammal that is part of the family group of the mustelids, which includes otters, weasels, minks and ferrets, among others.

Wolverines are bear-like-looking carnivores, with a robust, muscular body and long hair. They feed on sick animals and carrion, although they also take advantage of the prey that capture hunter species. Rodents, birds and insects are part of its diet, which also includes grains and berries.

Other characteristics that are worth highlighting of this animal is that it has enormous strength, as it is capable of hunting animals larger than itself, and that it has especially sharp claws and high consistency jaws.

Likewise, it is emphasized that it is not an animal that lives in a group, that it has a life span that can range between 8 and 17 years and that, fundamentally, it prefers habitats where the climate is very cold. Hence, due to this last characteristic, it is common to find it in arctic areas of the planet such as Russia, Canada, Siberia or even Alaska.

It is curious to know that the famous comic character called Wolverine or Wolverine is inspired precisely by the figure of that animal called glutton. Specifically, that figure from the Marvel factory takes from this animal not only its powerful strength but also its very sharp claws and the fact that it identifies itself as a lonely being.