From Latin glory, glory is the fame, the honor and the reputation that is obtained thanks to great achievements waves Good actions. For example: “The Brazilian soccer player achieved glory after scoring three goals in the championship final”, “I don’t care about money, I only play for glory”, “The game ended with more pain than glory for the local team”.

GloryGloria is also the person that ennobles or magnifies another subject or a group: “Maradona is the glory of Argentine football”, “Every child is the glory of his parents”. This word is also used to refer to the pleasure or to superlative taste: “For me, staying in bed reading the newspaper until noon is the glory”, “Glory is something like waking up every morning watching the sea”.

In the field of religion, glory is the state of the blessed in heaven: “May God have it in glory”. The term also allows to name a prayer or song of the mass that begins with the phrase in Latin “Gloria in excelsis Deo”.

All this without overlooking the fact that in the field of painting we find various works of art that precisely reflect the religious concept of glory that we have mentioned. Among these paintings are, for example, “La Gloria” that the Italian painter Titian made in the middle of the 16th century, specifically in the period between 1551 and 1554.

Likewise, it should not be forgotten that the famous Spanish painter Francisco de Goya also did the same. In his case, the work that concerns us is “La Gloria”, a fresco painting made in 1772 that is also known as “Adoration of the name of God.”

The stove to cook the pots, the thin and transparent silk fabric, the curled cake genre and the act of raising the curtain in the theater so that the actors receive the applause of the public are other concepts that are known as glory.

In the field of music we have to highlight the existence of a song entitled “Gloria”. Umberto Tozzi is the singer and composer of the same, which was part of his record album of the same name and which was released in 1979. It has become not only one of his most famous compositions but also a mythical song by the decade of the 70s and 80s.

About love is this aforementioned song that was a success both in Spain and in France, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands or Belgium, among others. In addition to Tozzi, it became famous when it was sung by the American artist Laura Branigan, who made it go beyond the borders of Europe.

U2, Van Morrison, Gloria Trevi or La Mosca Tse Tsé are other international artists who also have songs that are named after the term we are analyzing.

Gloria, finally, is a female name. The Cuban songwriter and singer Gloria Estefan, based in USA From the age of 16 months, he is one of the most famous personalities in the world who bear this name.