Global is what refers to planet or the globe. This adjective also allows you to name something that is taken together. The phrase “The global economy is in crisis”, for example, indicates that economies of all the countries of the world are in a troubled stage.

GlobalThe term became popular from the phenomenon of globalization, a process that involves the integration of countries into a single international capitalist market. Globalization, in any case, transcends the economy and includes cultural and social phenomena linked to communications, transportation and transportation. technology.

Today, the notion of global products or processes is evident in everyday life. A man that lives in Spain you can use a computer made in China to connect to Internet through a company of American origin and buy, on a website hosted on a Russian server, some sneakers that were produced in Mexico. All these countries, linked in a phenomenon as simple as the one mentioned in the example, are a sample of the global society.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore other uses of the global term today. In this way, for example, we find the fact that in Spain there is a periodical publication called “El Global”. Specifically, it is a newspaper that revolves around the pharmaceutical world.

Medicines, pharmaceutical policy, current affairs in this sector, health or health in general are some of the topics that are part of the aforementioned media that has become a leader in this field thanks to the fact that it offers the maximum and best information about it.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of an NGO that makes use of the term that we are now analyzing in depth in its name. We are referring to Global Humanitaria, a non-profit international cooperation organization that for years has been working to improve the living conditions of those who live in disadvantaged areas around the world.

Asia, Africa and America are specifically the continents in which this entity has been operating since 1999. In them it carries out different plans and projects in areas such as education, health, security, human rights, food or the protection of children and women.

Among the many proposals that it offers, it should be noted that it gives any citizen the possibility to collaborate with it through the alternative of sponsoring children who are offered a better present and future thanks to those monthly contributions that are made.

On the other hand, the global warming It is a phenomenon that makes it possible to refer to the increase in the average temperature in the Land and to the theory that, through projections, maintains that the temperature will continue to rise if man does not modify his behavior.

This phenomenon, whether natural or accentuated by man, demonstrates how a global mechanism (The behavior of all countries affects the increase in temperature and, therefore, global warming is generated).