The Latin word novius, from novus (namely, “new”), arrived in Spanish as groom or bride. This is how the person which is in a romantic relationship with another.

BrideThis link is called engagement. Traditionally it was understood that it was a stage prior to marriage, although today it is accepted that courtship does not have to lead to marriage.

The feminine version of the notion (bride) refers to the woman that is in couple. If the bride marries, she loses her name and is referred to as wife.

The marriage It may be a civil ceremony or a religious ritual. In the second case, it is associated with different customs and practices, many of which have the bride as the protagonist.

The wedding dressIn this framework, it is the garment that the woman wears when getting married. In Christianity, it is usually a white or pastel colored dress. The bride also wears various accessories, such as the veil, the headdress and the bouquet.

Take the case of Jennifer Aniston Y Brad Pitt. In 1998, Aniston became the girlfriend of Pitt (Y Pittobviously in the boyfriend of Aniston). Two years later they married, with which these actors stopped being boyfriends to become a marriage. In 2005Finally, the couple decided to divorce.

It should be noted, on the other hand, that many films carry the word bride in your title. One of them is “Corpse Bride”, known in our idiom What “The corpse of the bride” or “Corpse Bride”. It had an address of Tim Burton and was released in 2005.

“Bride of Chucky”, “The Bride of Frankenstein”, “The son of the bride” Y “The bride’s family” are other films titled with this concept.