It is known as gingivitis to one swelling of pathological characteristics that occurs in the gums due, in general, to the action of some bacterium that generates a disease. Gingivitis usually originates in the pieces of food that remain between the teeth and cannot be completely removed after brushing the teeth.

GingivitisIt should be noted that the gingiva is the meat that protects the teeth and covers the jaws. It is composed of a connective tissue and lined with epithelium.

Gingivitis may appear due to the development of so-called wisdom teeth. As these molars grow, they create a concave space between them and the gums, which is appropriate for bacteria to lodge.

In addition to poor dental hygiene, it is important to note that other causes that give rise to someone suffering from gingivitis can be having various nutritional deficiencies, suffering from diseases such as diabetes, taking medications such as anticoagulants or antibiotics. , being mired in constant emotional tension or having hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy or menstruation itself.

Among the clearest symptoms, in addition to those mentioned, that can determine that a person is suffering from this disease are bad breath, bleeding of the gums when brushing the teeth or swelling of the same as well. of the red color of them.

When gingivitis turns chronicle, can cause serious disorders, such as damage to the alveolar bone that supports and supports the teeth (so the pieces can move and fall) and frequent bleeding.

Among the different types of gingivitis, the most dangerous is GUNA (Acute Necrotizing Ulcer Gingivitis). In this variant, also known as trench mouth since it was very common among the soldiers of the First World War, gingivitis causes significant bleeding, foul-smelling breath, and necrosis of the gingival tissue.

The oral hygieneIn short, it is the best way to prevent the appearance and development of gingivitis. This hygiene should include not only the brushing teeth after every meal, but also the use of floss to remove the remains that are in places inaccessible to the brush. In case the gingivitis has already appeared, dental treatment is required to reverse the swelling and bleeding.

There are several ways to prevent the appearance of this dental and oral ailment. Thus, in addition to the aforementioned correct brushing, it is necessary to emphasize carrying out a healthy and correct diet, going periodically to the dentist’s office and, of course, completely eliminating a series of habits such as, for example, tobacco .

Among the home and natural remedies that exist to prevent this disease from appearing are daily rubbing the gums with aloe vera gel, eating apple after lunch or dinner, using a mixture of vinegar, water and apple cider as a mouthwash. , or gargle with baking soda and water.

Likewise, we cannot forget other remedies such as rinsing the mouth with salt and water or eating a little cheddar cheese after meals.