Jig it’s a compositional element that comes from gigas, a word from idiom Greek which can be translated as “giant”. The term refers to what appears or is repeated billion (1,000,000,000) times.

JigThe concept can be used to form the corresponding multiple of a unit of measure: gigabyte, gigahertz, etc. In this case, its symbol is G. In the field of computing, the idea of ​​giga is used as a synonym for gigabyte (billion bytes), although it also allows other units to be formed.

When it is said that a computer (computer) has a gig of RAM, for example, it is referring to having about a billion bytes of this type of memory. Similarly, a 200-gigabyte hard drive has a storage capacity of 200 billion bytes.

It is important not to confuse between a gigabyte (GB) and a gigabit (Gb). While a gigabyte equals 1,000,000,000 bytes, a gigabit represents 1,000,000,000 bits. A etymology takes us to old french gigue, which could be derived from Old High German jig. In this case, jig or jiga It is the name of a stringed musical instrument, of the music played on this instrument, or of a dance from ancient times.

When buying certain technological devices it is necessary to take into account the gigabytes they have. And it is that these will depend, for example, your storage capacity. Therefore, when you are going to buy a mobile phone, a laptop or desktop computer and even a tablet, you have to pay close attention to that technical specification in order to buy an item that fully meets the needs of that sense.

Likewise, it is also widely used to mention the amount of data in terms of Internet connection that a company offers when choosing one rate or another. Therefore, when you are looking for a tariff for your smartphone, you have to analyze the market and see which one offers the best conditions in terms of price relation with the gigabytes of mobile data or the free minutes in calls that it offers.

Finally, we cannot forget that Gigas is the name of a company that offers a cloud hosting platform and that has become a benchmark in the sector due to the solutions it has as well as the quality of its service.