In the Greek it is where the etymological origin of the word geosystem that now occupies us is found. Specifically, we can determine that it is the result of the union of two lexical components of that language:
-The word “geo”, which can be translated as “land”.
-The noun “systema”, which is equivalent to “union of things in an organized way” and which is the result of the sum of three components: “syn”, which is synonymous with “together”; “Hístemi”, which means “to establish” or “to stand up”; and the suffix “-ma”, which is used to indicate “instrumental”.

Many people are interested in knowing what a geosystem and in what context this term is used. However, it is a concept that Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) does not recognize, at least for the moment. That is why it is difficult to develop a precise definition of the notion.

GeosystemIt is possible to notice that geosystem is used in different contexts. We speak of geosystem, for example, when we want to refer to the planet Earth as a system in which they are established dynamic relationships between lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.

As a geosystem, the Earth as a kind of machine, whose elements interact allowing it to function and favoring the conditions for the existence of life. In the geosystem there is a constant flow of energies.

Another use of the idea of ​​geosystem is found in physical geography. In this case, the geosystem is understood as the geographic space configuration. This configuration arises from the combination of the biotic factors (living beings: animals, plants, etc.) and abiotic factors (elements that do not have life, such as water and earth).

However, we must not forget other important elements such as anthropic elements, including both the anthroposphere and society in general, as well as the social, technological, cultural and economic aspects that surround the human being.

Specifically, among the aforementioned anthropic elements we can highlight from the mode of production of a society at a political or economic level to the cultural creations that exist through values ​​such as justice, solidarity, tolerance or respect.

A geosystem can also be a system geographic information: digital tools that allow to store, organize and analyze data obtained from the physical world that are related to a spatial reference.

It is a set of hardware Y software prepared for obtaining and processing information about the planet. These elements contribute to geographic management and are of great economic and social importance, since they make it possible to determine which land is appropriate for the installation of an industrial plant and serve to develop the geolocation of something, to name just two possibilities.

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