The concept of georeferencing It is used frequently in our language, although it is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). The term refers to spatial positioning of a body in a geographic location according to a coordinate system and specific data.

GeoreferencingBefore proceeding with this definition, it is important to mention that the correct word to refer to this question is georeferencing (with two R), although it is not included by the RAE in its dictionary.

According to the spelling rules, in compound words whose first element ends in a vowel and the second begins with R, you need to double the R in question to keep your sound. In this case, geo- ends in a vowelOR) Y -referencing starts with R: therefore, we must write georeferencing.

Georeferencing or georeferencing, in short, refers to the location of something in the space. A geographic coordinate system serves to reference a point on the earth’s surface by two angular coordinates (the length and the latitude). Knowing these two values, and adding the altitude for greater precision, the georeferencing can be obtained.

Likewise, we cannot forget to point out the fact that for a few years now, more and more people are committed to georeferencing plots as well as more constructions in Spain. This is due to the fact that this operation is important in order to facilitate the exchange of information between what is the General Directorate of Registries and the Notary with what is the Cadastre itself.

In order to carry out this task, the use of what are GPS-type receivers is used, which are connected to what is known as the Geodetic Network of Permanent Stations. Specifically, the process is developed by carrying out the topographic survey of the plot or construction as well as the cadastral location certificate, the GML file, the visa and the georeferencing certificate.

It is also important to know that other disciplines such as topography, cartography, geodesy and geographic information systems take center stage in georeferencing.

Georeferencing is often used as a synonym for geolocation. Some specialists, however, maintain that geolocation refers specifically to a location in real time, showing exactly where an object is from satellite information. Georeferencing, according to this view, is linked to a location from data that is not being taken “Live”.

Georeferencing, therefore, is related to a point in a geographic context, while geolocation is more associated with a system of positioning and not only to the coordinates.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as documentary georeferencing. Under this term a technique is included that gives the possibility of relating what is the information referred to the position of two cartographic documents that have a different origin.

Specifically, this process can be carried out with documents as varied as those belonging to old cartography, building plans, maps of specific countries …