Knowing the etymological origin of the two words that give shape to the term geometric body is the first thing we are going to do in order to discover its meaning:

-Body, first of all, derives from Latin. Specifically, it comes from “corpus”, which can be translated as “trunk”.

-Geometric, secondly, it has its origin in Greek. And it is the result of the sum of three clearly differentiated elements: “geo”, which means “land”; the noun “metron”, which is synonymous with “measure”, and the suffix “-ico”, which is used to indicate “relative to”.


Cubes are geometric bodies.

What is a geometric body

A geometric body is an element that has three dimensions (tall, wide and long). It can be said that it is a type of geometric figure, denomination given to a nonempty set composed of points.

Geometric bodies, in this framework, are geometric figures that delimit or describe volumes. The spheres, cylinders and polyhedra they are different geometric bodies.

We can easily understand what a geometric body is from various examples. A squareTo cite one case, it is a quadrilateral: a geometric figure with four sides. If a child takes a pencil and draws a square on paper, he creates a quadrilateral. A CubeInstead, it is a polyhedron with six square faces: a geometric body that has height, width, and length. The dices that are used in various games are cubes (that is, geometric bodies).


Geometric bodies, also called solidThey occupy places in space and therefore have volume. If their faces are flat, they are called polyhedra (like the aforementioned cube example). Among them we can distinguish the regular polyhedra and the irregular polyhedra.

In turn, each of these two types of polyhedra are divided into several classes:

-Regular polyhedra are those whose faces are equal regular polygons and can be of five different classes: tetrahedra, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron.

-Irregular polyhedra are those that at least one of their faces has a different shape from the others. This type includes the pyramid, the prism, and the truncated pyramid.


The sphere is a round body.

The round body, another type of geometric body

On the other hand, if they have at least one curved face, the geometric bodies are known as round bodies (among them are the cylinders).

In addition to cylinders, which can be rectangular or oblique, we come across another series of geometric bodies in the category of round bodies. We are referring, for example, to the following:

-The cone, which has a circular base and a curved surface that comes together at a vertex. It can be straight or oblique.

-The sphere, which is circular in each and every one of its planes.

To these are added the hemisphere and the truncated cone.

A ball of football, a cardboard box, a pyramid and a cone used to organize traffic are various everyday objects that are part of the group of geometric bodies. Among them there are regular polyhedra, irregular polyhedra, and round bodies.