The term geolocation is not included in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). The verb does not appear there either geolocate. However, these concepts are used frequently in our language when mentioning the location of something or someone in a geographic coordinate system.

GeolocationTo understand the idea of ​​geolocation, therefore, you first have to know what a geographic coordinate system. This is how the system that allows you to reference a point on the surface of the planet Earth from two angular coordinates: length (west or east) and latitude (south or north). In this way, the lateral angles of the surface with respect to the center of the planet and along its axis of rotation are established.

Geolocation, in short, appeals to the coordinates: lines that allow the determination of the position of a point in space. To locate the point in question, hardware and software are usually used to analyze, record and store the geographic information that is referenced.

Usually, geolocation marks the location of a body in the space measuring latitude, longitude and height coordinates. In general, the notion is associated with Global Positioning System (known as Gps for its acronym in English), which uses satellites to obtain the coordinates.

The Gps use one 24 satellite network orbiting the Earth with synchronized trajectories to achieve coverage of the entire surface. To obtain a geolocation, the device connected to the Gps receives signals from at least three satellites, calculating the time it takes for the signals to reach the equipment. This allows you to measure the distance to the satellite via reverse trilateration. By knowing the coordinates of the three satellites, the actual position of the measurement point is established.

In the same way, it is interesting to discover what is known as geolocation marketing. As geomarketing, mention is also made of this tool that is used in the aforementioned marketing sector and that is based on the location of the customers you want to reach.

Specifically, that is now very fashionable and is increasingly used by companies because it brings benefits such as that it gives the possibility of launching special promotions for customers taking that location into account, which allows to know in depth where they have more customers or where are those who spend the most in the aforementioned company and even because it allows us to find other business opportunities.

In addition to everything indicated, we cannot ignore the existence of what is called geolocation of companies. This term refers to the fact that a company can be located and specifically publicize it through different apps so that potential customers can clearly identify and access it. However, it can also be applied at a productive level.

If more and more companies resort to the use of this system, it is because, among other things, it increases their security, allows them to be noticed above their competitors, gives the possibility of offering clients information and resources that may be of their own. interest, it contributes to improving the level of productivity in areas such as transport …