GenuineIf we check the etymology of the term genuine, we will find that its origin is found in the Latin word genuīnus. It is an adjective that refers to what is justified, reliable or real.

For instance: “The economy has been registering genuine growth for two quarters”, “My love for you is genuine, I don’t understand why your father opposes our marriage, “I think that the singer, if he were truly sorry, should make a genuine request for forgiveness to his followers since he behaved very badly with them”.

The genuine is associated with authentic. Suppose a young man who is looking job he spent only ten minutes searching in the last week. Another boy, on the other hand, spends eight hours a day trying to get a job. Despite the fact that both assure that they are doing everything possible to access a job, only in the second case can a genuine effort to meet the goal.

A genuine pacifist, on the other hand, it will avoid violence in all areas of your life. He who presents himself as a pacifist, but beats his wife and children and often insults his interlocutors in any discussion, is not a true defender of peace.

Another meaning of genuine is linked to characteristic or typical Of something. The Pachamama Day, for example, is a genuine celebration of the Andean populations and of diverse aboriginal communities of the South American territory. In large cities, many people they can join in the celebration and adopt the rituals of these peoples, but it is not a genuine event of their culture.

GenuineWe are in an era characterized by instability, by sudden changes. The relationships they tend to be less narrow than in the past, art has been mixed with commerce and the demands of society come to us since we are very young. All this makes it difficult for us to genuinely live our day to day life, especially if we want to satisfy the gazes of others, always present in our home, at school, at work and on social networks.

Genuine things cannot be faked or imitated, they simply exist and differ from others by their purity or spontaneity. Genuine love never seeks self-interest over that of others, it does not focus on money or the job opportunities that the relationship with the other individual can give it, but rather it is a crystalline feeling that feeds on happiness and pleasure. welfare of the other.

Who was going to tell us that our species would be able to fake love to take advantage of a relationship or friendship? But there are countless cases of this type, and the consequences can be devastating for those who are deceived. Tastes and hobbies are other aspects of life that should always be genuine but often are not. In theory, no one would want to spend hours doing something they don’t really like, just to avoid negative opinions against them; however, this occurs more often than the opposite case.

The genuine taste for an activity or a discipline, for a group of music or a plate of food is noticeable leagues. The surge of pleasure a person experiences when doing what really makes them happy is unmistakable. Shouldn’t we all live this way? For as easy as it may seem to be yourself in a self-help book, the pressures Social organizations try to push us in another direction and not all of us have the strength to face them.