From Latin genealogy, genealogy is he set of ancestors and parents of a person or a pedigree animal. The concept is used to also name the written containing this set or part of it, by document in which the ancestry of a purebred animal is recorded and the discipline who studies genealogy.

GenealogyFor instance: “The singer’s genealogy includes German, Swiss and Slovenian ancestry”, “I do not care about the genealogy of people, I am only interested in how each individual is”, “They ask too much money for that horse: we are going to have to study its genealogy carefully”.

The document that records genealogy studies is known as family tree. The tree figure has an analogy with the branching trunk and the person who has various lines of descent and offspring.

The genealogy can be known through the oral reports that usually arise from the family nucleus. These narratives are passed down from generation to generation and may be inaccurate with respect to dates of birth and places of origin, although they are usually the starting point for more precise studies.

It is important to also take into account personal or family documents to establish that genealogical tree, such as family books, notebooks, cards, property titles …

Another documentary source of genealogy is the printed or handwritten documents. Unlike family memory, these records provide accuracy in the information. The civil identification records, the ecclesiastical documents and the State archives they allow to know the genealogy of the people.

Civil documentation is very important in this regard when it comes to finding the genealogy. In this case, the most common is to go to the birth certificates, marriage certificates or death certificates.

However, it should not be overlooked that it is also normal to resort to researching church records to obtain the information that is needed. In this case, they are usually requested from items of marriage bonds to those of baptisms going through what would be those referring to deaths.

Those who are interested in finding their genealogy, in addition to making use of documents or family statements, can also resort to the Internet. And there are currently many pages and platforms specialized in this area on the Internet.

It must be said that there is also a science that is closely related to genealogy. We are referring to heraldry, which is the science that is responsible for carrying out the creation of the shields and blazons that belonged to the families. Through it, it is possible to determine the appearance of those and understand the reason for the symbols they used or the meaning they had.

In this sense, it should be noted that it is common for those who carry out the search and establishment of their genealogical tree, once they obtain it, also bet on investigating, through heraldry, the blazon that identifies their family from their ancestors.

In colloquial language, genealogy is the origin or precedents of something: “The genealogy of this album goes back to the first encounters between the singer and the guitarist in the Andean mountains”.