The first step that we are going to take in order to know the meaning of the term gel is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can point out that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically it comes from “gelatus”, which can be translated as “ice cream” or “frozen”.

Is called gel to the condition of a substance that, in colloidal dispersion, thickens or solidifies after a process of coagulation. While the density of a gel is similar to that of a liquid, its structure is similar to that of a solid.

GelA gel is a colloidal solution: a compound that arises from the dissolution of a colloid in a fluid. This system has a dispersed (liquid) and a continuous (solid) phase. In the structure of a gel, there are molecules that form a net, which is immersed in a liquid. Depending on how these components interact, the gel will have different properties.

While the liquid prevents the network from collapsing, the network itself makes it impossible for the liquid to flow with Liberty. The gel, in this framework, can be a viscous fluid or a solid almost rigid.

The process of forming a gel is known as gelation. When a substance is added to a gelling agent, gelation can develop and therefore subject in question turns gel.

The gels are widely used in many environments. There are medicinal products, foods, paints, lubricants and gel adhesives.

The hair gel, for example, is a product used to fix the hair in a certain position and thus preserve the hairstyle. This is possible thanks to the viscous structure of the substance.

At the time of sanitation, a person you can turn to a shower gel, more viscous or thicker than liquid soap. On the other hand, the sanitizing gel, also called hygiene gel, antiseptic gel or gel alcohol, is a substance with antiseptic properties that allows you to wash your hands without soap or water.

In the same way, it should not be overlooked that there is also what is known as an intimate gel. This is a product that should be used for women instead of the traditional bath gel because it is considered that it does not alter what is the vaginal flora and, therefore, does not put the woman at risk with regard to suffering an infection.

Likewise, the existence of what is called lubricating gel must be taken into account. This in particular is a product that is used during sexual intercourse with two clear objectives: on the one hand, to facilitate penetration and on the other, to increase pleasure.

It is exactly recommended for women who have lubrication problems, to carry out anal sex and also to reduce discomfort in cases where the woman has a very narrow vagina or the man’s penis is too large. Of course, there are couples who simply use them as part of their games in the preliminaries.

Given the benefits of this product, there are different varieties: silicone-based, water-based lubricating gel, oil-based lubricating gel …