Definition of Geek – What is, Meaning and Concept

GeekThe term geek not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). In any case, the concept, coming from the English language, is used in our language to refer to the individual who feels a fascination and interest in computing and for issues related to technology.

The geek is usually a specialist in these matters. Although there is no precise definition of the concept, its connotations have changed over the years. Some time ago, a person who was only interested in computers (computers) and technological gadgets, and therefore lacked a social life: he had no partner, no friends, etc. With the advancement of history and the increasingly prominent place that the technology in everyday life, the geek became someone valued thanks to his knowledge.

Geeks focus on their hobbies, which are often technological or at least technical in nature. Many times they appeal to your imagination and their ability, creating objects of their authorship where they show their knowledge on these issues.

The online games, the social media, smartphones (smartphones) and the gadgets in general they are part of the life of a geek. Many times they are also attracted to comics (comics) and science fiction: that’s why geeks can be linked with geeks.

Those who recognize themselves as geeks celebrate every 25 of May the Geek Pride Day. This holiday, whose date commemorates the launch of “Star Wars” in 1977, born in Spain As the Geek Pride Day and then it was expanded by other countries.

GeekThis celebration tries to give them back a bit of I respect That geeks were denied for so long As mentioned above, until not many years ago this term was used in a pejorative sense, as a synonym for “loser”, for someone who had no gift for relating to others and who, therefore, led an unattractive life or undesirable. It goes without saying that no one is obliged to follow a certain path, be it that of social relations or that of devotion to computing, since both are valid as long as they do not harm a third party.

Today the term is also used geek in a derogatory way, although less and less frequently. The main reason is the mass use of technology: today almost all of us have at least one mobile phone, a device which in the 90s would have looked like a geek’s own item.

Doubt often arises about the difference between the terms geek Y nerd. Specifically, the latter is defined as a person with a intelligence considerable whose tastes and habits are “rare”, that is, they do not respond to the norm established by society. The geek can also (and usually) be very intelligent, but the fact of being a geek does not lie in this aspect of his personality but in his interests.

The line between geek and nerd begins to dissolve in cases of individuals who have a deep fascination with Sciences of great complexity, such as physics or mathematics, and they dedicate their lives to them: given that to give themselves to their vocation and obtain significant results they need an intelligence above the average, it is just as valid to classify them as “nerds” as as “geeks” . Anyway, in an ideal world we would simply talk about “Nuria, the girl who loves programming and dedicates her entire afternoons to studying” or about “Juan, the fan of Japanese comics who prefers to stay and read rather than take a walk around the park ‘, without any derogatory sense.

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