In the greek alphabet, gamma is the third letter (γ lowercase o Γ in capital letters). It is, according to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), of a letter corresponding to the G of the Latin alphabet.

GammaThe idea of ​​gamma is used in the field of physical to refer to the unit of measurement which is equivalent to millionth of a gram. As a unit of weight, therefore, a gamma is equivalent to a microgram.

A gamma or a microgram is often used when it is necessary to refer to a minute amount of a component of a show. In chemical analysis, a spectrophotometer or analytical balance can be used to measure these units.

It is called gamma rays, on the other hand, at electromagnetic waves that are produced when particles are annihilated or in the framework of a nuclear transition. These rays are characterized by their penetrating power due to their great Energy, resulting more penetrating than alpha rays and that the beta rays.

Gamma radiation is made up of photons: particles that are part of the light. Gamma rays are used to eliminate bacteria from food and to sterilize medical equipment, for example.

It is called gamma camera yet system that enables the registration of images through gamma radiation. The patient is injected with a radioisotope intravenously to generate the contrast that the device captures.

The gamma camera can be used for bone, cardiology and central nervous system studies, to name a few possibilities. The procedure does not cause pain more than that generated by the injection of the radioisotope.