In order to know the meaning of the term gallant it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. Thus, we can indicate that it is a word that derives from French, specifically from “galant” which, in turn, emanates from the verb “galer”, which can be translated as “to have fun”.

The concept is used to name a man from great physical attractiveness. For example: “Who is that gallant who is talking to your niece?”, “The girl captured all eyes when entering the party on the arm of a leading man”, “My grandfather, when he was young, was a very coveted heartthrob”.

Among the words that can function as a synonym for gallant we find some such as gentle, handsome, graceful, airy, handsome, beautiful or adonis. On the contrary, among its antonyms there are words such as ugly, ungainly, grotesque …

PrinceA heartthrob is usually a elegant guy, who dresses well and takes care of his appearance. He usually dedicates weather and effort to aesthetics, although there are also men who are considered gallants for their innate beauty, beyond not paying attention to clothing.

Leaving aside the physical, the idea of ​​the gallant is also associated with the subject who has a respectful treatment with the women and that he behaves like a gentleman. The gallant, therefore, gallant: he usually gives flowers and chocolates, opens the car door to his partner, etc.

The notion of gallant, on the other hand, is used to refer to the actor of good presence that usually embodies a character who seeks to conquer a woman or who is in love with the heroine of the story. The gallants are usually young people who stand out for their features and athleticism.

Brad Pitt, Tom cruise, Pierce brosnan, George Clooney, Richard Gere Y Leonardo Dicaprio are some of the most popular gallants in Hollywood. These actors summon a large number of spectators to the cinemas.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that within the field of botany and science, in general, the term at hand is also used. Specifically, we speak of a gallant at night to refer to a plant, scientifically known as “cestrum nocturnum”, which can reach 5 meters in height.

Exactly we can say that it is a shrub, which is also called in other countries as a lady at night, which has an evergreen leaf, which blooms in May and is especially recommended for mild climates. Yes, because it does not bear the cold at all well.

Prince, finally, is a surname quite frequent in countries Hispanic. The members of the duo BurnetTo cite one case, they are two Argentine brothers who bear this surname: Lucy Y Joaquin Galán.

Nor can we ignore the figure of the writer Roy Galán (1980), born in Santiago de Compostela, who has a bibliography where works such as “Nobody inside you”, “Make it not seem like love”, “Tenderness ”Or“ Unrepeatable ”.