In order to know the meaning of the term fury, it is necessary to know, in the first place, its etymological origin. In this case, it must be stated that it derives from Latin, specifically from “fury”.

The notion of fury it has several uses. According to the first meanings that appear in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the term may refer to the irritation, the Rage wave fury, or yet state of transient dementia product of a violent commotion.

FuryFor example: “A horde of protesters beat a neighbor who was walking around the place with insane fury”, “The man began to scream with manic fury and no one could calm him anymore”, “The hurricane furiously hit the eastern region of the Caribbean country”.

In addition to those mentioned, there is another important series of synonyms for fury. Among those are anger, rage, alienation, or outburst. On the contrary, among its antonyms there are words such as calm, serenity, calm or peace.

The most common use of the concept, however, refers to the period or moment in which a trend, a practice or a fashion reaches your higher intensity. When it is said that something is furious or becomes furious, it is referring to its great popularity: “The music video of the pop singer became a rage on YouTube”, “Fury for a sweet created in Japan that is already available all over the world”, “The new video game console is causing a sensation in the country despite its high price”.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that this word gave the title to a television program that achieved great success in the late 1990s and early 21st century. We are referring to “Furor”, which aired on Antena 3 between 1998 and 2001.

Alonso Caparrós was the presenter of this space, carried out by Fernando Navarrete, in which two teams, one made up of famous women and the other made up of famous men, had to “face off” through different tests where music was the main element.

Discovering the song that was playing, listing singles that had an established word, performing karaoke or singing without pronouncing the forbidden word were some of the tests of this contest whose prize money was destined to an association or NGO.

In addition, we cannot forget the novel “The Fury of Living”, written by Nicholas Ray and which was the basis for the iconic film “Rebel Without a Cause”, starring James Dean.

It is known as erotic rage, on the other hand, to a painting also called hypersexuality, characterized by the sudden or extreme increase in libido. In the case of women, can be named as uterine rage or nymphomania.

The cause of the erotic fury is usually unknown, although the origin is linked to the consumption of drugs, to psychological disorders and various medical problems. Anyway, it is important to mention that there is no precise limit that establishes when the libido grows in an exaggerated way, since sexual desire depends on each individual and there is no scientific criterion that establishes what is low, normal or high desire.