In Latin it is where the etymological origin of the term fugitive is found. Exactly it derives from “fugitivus”, which can be translated as “the one who is fleeing” and which is the result of the sum of two lexical components:
-The verb “flee”, which is synonymous with “flee”.
-The suffix “-tive”, which is used to indicate a passive or active relationship.

The notion is used to refer to who is running away from something or someone and therefore tries to keep hidden so as not to be discovered.

FugitiveUsually fugitive is used synonymously with fugitive, alluding to a subject who seeks to escape from an authority or security force. For example: “The singer remains a fugitive since the Justice ordered his capture in the framework of a smuggling case”, “The German police managed to catch a fugitive wanted by Interpol”, “They found a fugitive who was hiding in an abandoned train station”.

The fugitives carry out certain actions to elude those who persecute him. It is common for them to move away from the place where they committed a crime or a lack and that they change location constantly to make the identification task difficult. They can also use costumes or wigs to mislead.

An individual who was imprisoned until he made a leakage from prison he becomes a fugitive when he escapes. Your objective will be to avoid the police in order to avoid being caught, since if you are caught you will have to go back to jail.

Several movies and TV series bear the title of “The fugitive”. On 1947, a film titled “The fugitive” which was based on the novel “The power and the glory” from Graham greene, was starred by Henry fonda and had the direction of Emilio Fernandez Y John ford.

“The fugitive” It is also a television series that aired in USA Come in 1963 Y 1967.

120 chapters were those that shaped this television production, created by Roy Huggings, which starred actor David Jansen, who played Dr. Richard Kimble. This is a man who is charged with the murder of his wife, Helen, and is convicted at trial by the jury. However, he is not willing to assume that guilt being innocent so he manages to flee and from that moment he adopts different identities and physical appearances while trying to find the true person responsible for the death of his wife.

But it is not easy for him since Lieutenant Gerard, who is “obsessed” with the case, is on his trail at all times.

This series was so successful that in 1993 it was made into a film, directed by Andrew Davis. The role of Kimble was played by Harrison Ford while that of the aforementioned policeman was assumed by Tommy Lee Jones.

More than 365 million dollars managed to raise this film in whose cast other actors such as Joe Pantoliano, Julianne Moore, Jane Lynch, Sela Ward or Andreas Katsulas also had relevance.