AUK is an acronym that corresponds to Free Trade Area of ​​the Americas, a draft that was born with the purpose of expanding the North American Free Trade Agreement to include the other American countries, with the exception of Cuba.

AUKThe initiative arose in Miami (USA) on December 1994 with the purpose of implementing a progressive reduction of tariff barriers in all state members. Political transformations in South AmericaHowever, they forced them to agree on less ambitious goals.

Specifically, we can determine that the FTAA’s main development and labor issues are market access, agriculture, public sector purchases, competition policy, dispute resolution, smaller economies or international issues. All this without forgetting investment, intellectual property rights, subsidies or anti-dumping.

The drivers of AUK, with USA at the head, they affirm that the agreement promote competitiveness and specialization in the region, help improve infrastructure, force the disappearance of monopolies and it will improve the standard of living of Americans.

Critics of the project, on the other hand, argue that the AUK privatize public goods and services and end up benefiting USA. The parties of the left do not hesitate to affirm that it is a tool of the imperialism while the more moderate positions demand that, at least, US agricultural subsidies be eliminated in principle in order to advance in the integration.

Behind the IV Summit of the Americas, which took place in the city of Mar del Plata (Argentina) on 2005, the project was put on hold due to the strong criticism received and the massive mobilizations of the civil population against the bloc.

One of the relevant figures on the international scene that has most energetically attacked the FTAA is the current president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez. Thus, this political leader has not hesitated to describe this initiative as one more tool of imperialism that it wants to carry out in the countries of Latin America.

A position that, to a certain extent, was also supported by other Latin American leaders such as two former presidents such as the Argentine Néstor Kirchner and the Brazilian Lula Da Silva. They are not totally rejecting the proposal put forward by the FTAA, but what they have made clear is that it should be truly free. And they considered that it was not and was subject to various interests.

Economists indicate that, if the AUK, a market common with 800 million inhabitants and a combined GDP of $ 21 billion annually.

Likewise, the term that concerns us serves to give a name to a Spanish company that operates in the industrial sector where it has been working for more than seventy years offering the best services to its clients. Specifically, it is focused on what is the manufacture of tools and instruments to carry out both the control and the layout. Thus, it carries out the realization of squares, levels or gauges of various types.

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